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Russian Fools Climb Tall Tower

Here you will find a video of two Russians breaking into the Shanghai Tower, which when completed will be over 2,000 feet tall (the Empire State Building is 1,250 feet tall, for comparison), and climbing it all the way to the top of the scaffolding. The first two minutes are just the pair climbing stairs, and, like, the stairs don't have handrails but it's not all that dangerous otherwise so you can just skip to 1:55 or so to see them climb above the smog and mist of Shanghai and crawl up the scaffolding, which seems VERY dangerous and scary.


Russian Billionaire Installs Gigantic Yacht Forcefield

OK, so it's not like a real forcefield to where if you dropped an anvil on it it'd ping off and ricochet onto the deck of some Russian tugboat that was just trying to live-but it's close. Way close. AND this one doesn't even have a fontanelle like the one around Springfield in the Simpsons movie that was maybe not so good, so you know it means business. Big, hard-headed business. Roman Abramovich, the guy who owns a bunch of oil, the Chelsea football team and a 557-foot boat called Eclipse, has installed a paparazzi shield around his $1.2 billion vessel. The pap precaution is a series of [...]