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Screwed Up

"An earlier version of this article misstated the name of a movie Mr. Goldstein starred in. It is 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Are Screwed,' not 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Get Screwed.'"


Porn Stars Give Consumers A Brief Lecture On The Economics Of Content Production

The adult entertainment trade group known as the Free Speech Coalition has put together the above public-service announcement in which the likes of Lisa "Not Sarah Palin Or Tina Fey" Ann, Joanna Angel, and Ron Jeremy implore people to pay for their porn, because without money coming in, arousing entertainment will not come out. While the somber, clothed atmosphere of this PSA is probably there to remind viewers of the grim, malware-infected future that awaits them should they continue to freeload their pornographic entertainments, there is also a variant with near-toplessness for those people who need to get aroused before they can get angry. [Via]