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What's Behind This Totally Nonexistent Epidemic Of Banker Suicides?

The New York Post is doubling down on a truly grim tabloid story: "What’s behind epidemic of financial industry deaths?" This is a follow-up on last week's… identical story, which was a follow-up to two previous stories, all by the same author, in which "a rash of eight financial-industry suicides so far in 2014" have "baffled" mental health professionals.

But back in the real world, actually the rate of suicide in people "35–64 years increased 28.4%" from 1999 to 2010, according to the CDC. The suicide rate among whites in America increased 40% in that period. In New York City, there are approximately 475 [...]


The Pixies Deluxe Box Set

This summer, for 450 bucks, you will be able to buy the complete catalog of The Pixies in one set. Yes, all five (5!) albums, on 180 gram vinyl and 24k layered CD. That would be almost $100 an album, says mathematics. They aren't being remastered, since they are already perfect, and no live audio recordings are being added. Or, since you already have it all on mp3, you could just not buy it.


It's a Miracle of Self-Restraint that Times Employees Haven't Gone on Strike

Congratulations to the 592 current and former New York Times employees, from the dudes in security to customer service representatives to a few brave news assistants to web producers to editors to critcs, who signed the open letter to Arthur Sulzberger Jr. at the behest of their Guild. It is now 19 months since the Guild's contract expired at the paper. Yesterday, the Times dismissed a Guild offer and—this is a good one!—the Proskauer lawyer who represents the Times suggested to the union that they "waive collective bargaining rights." The session was scheduled for four hours and lasted 30 minutes. So that's going well! As we know, [...]


Reuters Trolls for Traffic With Soros' Occupy Wall Street Non-Connection

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Is #soros cash behind #ows protests? We took a look and here's what we found @michellenichols @reuters #occupywallstThu Oct 13 14:29:47 via TweetDeckMark Eganmarkegan1

This amazing piece of trolling by Mark Egan and Michelle Nichols at Reuters has set the world on fire with the news that George Soros is the sole financial backer of Occupy Wall Street! Oh except he isn't. (He granted cash to an organization that then made small grants to Adbusters, [...]