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How Much Less Money Is The 'New York Times' Really Making Now?

Let's just do facts, right? (Footnoted with sources; otherwise from NYT Co. self-report.)

Total Q1 revenue this year: $475.4 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2012: $499.4 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2011: $566.5 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2010: $587.9 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2009: $609.0 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2008: $747.9 million.

Total Q1 revenue in 2007: approx $740 million.*

Total Q1 revenue in 2006: $832 million.*

Total Q1 revenue in 2005: $806 million.*

Total Q1 revenue in 2004: $773.8 million.*

Total Q1 revenue in 2003: $783.7 million.*


Online Advertising Now Nearly 1/3rd of 'New York Times' Revenue

An impressive and scary percentage of the New York Times Company's revenue is from online advertising-27%. Looking back at our New York Times costs v. revenue chart since 2005, excerpted above, which shows from year to year how tight the margin has become between income and expenses, we now see an even further closing-in. Total revenues in the third quarter of this year: $554.3 million. Operating costs: $522.9 million. Here's one thing that's always upsetting: "Newsprint expense increased 19.6 percent, with 25.8 percent from higher pricing offset in part by 6.2 percent from lower consumption." Translated: paper is always costing more, always being bought less. And to [...]


Flashback, 2011: Newsstand and the Ipad Are "A New Dawn for Publishers"

"Apple’s Newsstand launched with the release of iOS 5 on October 12th, and by any measure, it appears to be a big win for Apple and for publishers alike. Since the iPad took the technology world by storm 18 months ago, it’s been an interesting time for publishers with several notable App Store rejections, industry confusion about how to implement tablet subscriptions, and a fair amount of criticism of Apple’s 30% revenue share. It appears now that Newsstand is the real deal, delivering on the iPad’s promise of a new dawn for publishers. Huzzah!"

That was from November 29th, 2011, just over a year ago, and it came with the [...]


Goldman Sachs Overcorrects A Decade of Employee Compensation Trending

For the first time since no one is sure when, Goldman Sachs has altered its general formula of close to a 50/25/25 annual net revenue allocation (in which, give or take, 50% goes to the employees, 25% is (sort of) set aside for taxes and 25% is retained for the company). This year? In what is being described as a PR move, just a bit over 35% is going to bonuses. (2009's net revenue comes to $45.2 billion, so $16.2 billion is set aside for employees.) In the last ten years, the compensation rate has never dipped below 44% of net revenues.


Horrible 'Times' Spam Farm Gets What It Deserves, the content farm owned by the Times and one of the worst things on the Internet, looks like it's finally in trouble, due in large part to Google taking action against the Garbagenet. (These outfits depend on search results.) And also: advertisers realizing there are better ways to spend money than advertising against an empty void. In the second quarter of this year, shed staff and now their real operating costs are $13.1 million; their operating profit is down 24% from last year, to $11.6 million. (That's less than $4 million a month.) To be fair, this is still a "real business": The About Group had [...]