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The Airbnb Hole

It is not the fault of Airbnb that its new logo looks like an anatomical negative space, a hole, its chief technology officer, Nathan Blecharczyk, would like to everyone to know: We wouldn’t want to design a logo that caters to the lowest common denominator. This was a yearlong undertaking for dozens of people, it’s something meaningful, and no one pauses to really understand that.

But when one gazes into the hole—for how can one not—the tumble begins almost immediately, through the hole, beyond the hole. The world and every possible concern, hope, fear, or dream dissolves completely, leaving just you and the hole—you are [...]


Design and Meaning: A Tour of Romenesko Through the Ages

The Poynter Institute preemptively discourages you from complaining about today's new redesign of the wonderful Jim Romenesko's blog. (But seriously now, if I wanted to read these embedded tweets by Howie Kurtz and Jeff Jarvis… obviously I'd follow them on Twitter, right?) So? Whatever could readers be complaining about? Let's take a tour of Romenesko throughout the decade!


Fair Notice: Some Visual Changes Coming!

Oh, hello there. We come to announce some changes are ahead. The sort of changes regarding which the vast majority of you will not give a fruity fig. But our watchword is "always inform! Always disclose!" in these parts, and, so: there is a very good chance that this website will look a bit different tomorrow. You are welcome to read on if you are interested.