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Harvard Grads "Relieved" There Are No Wall Street Jobs

"At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, undergraduates are relieved that they no longer have to fight the temptation of high-paying Wall Street jobs, President Drew Faust said." Oh are they! The fuck you say! [via]


New York City's Bellwether Gallery To Shutter

Chelsea gallery Bellwether announced today that it will close this summer, after ten years of operation. This follows closely on the heels of the announcement that Charles Cowles will close his Chelsea gallery next month, after 30 years in business.


New Horrible Unemployment Numbers: Top Five States

Unemployment is up in the official numbers for May in 48 states! And the winners in top unemployment are: · Michigan: 14.1%. · Oregon: 12.4%. · Rhode Island and South Carolina: 12.1%. · California: 11.5% Thirteen states are in the double digits; New York City is now at 9%-just below the national rate of 9.4%. Congratulations! Also: "The labor market remains weak but it's starting to stabilize," Maxwell Clarke, the chief U.S. economist at IDEAglobal in New York, told Bloomberg News. This is a fucking lie.


Recession Battering Nation's Titty-Jiggling Trade

It's tough all over, and even the hooter-shaking industry is not immune: America's strip clubs are seeing slower sales as customers focus more on the actual boobs in front of them rather than the high-end food and drink that once helped inflate profits. "In order to adapt," reports the Wall Street Journal, "many so-called gentlemen's clubs are shedding their upscale trappings and catering to a thriftier clientele by offering less expensive drinks, waiving cover charges and refocusing their marketing."


Resume Kit: Now 50% Off

Our secret squirrel super-spy sends in this photo from Lexington Avenue and 62nd Street in Manhattan, where high-end resumé stationery is now half-off. Mmm hmm.



Business Roundtable has released a report on America's CEOs; it says a survey finds CEOs lacking "confidence"! Why are America's leaders so bereft of confidence? Who did this to them? Well, they will get some confidence the old-fashioned way: "More than two-thirds of CEOs surveyed said they planned more layoffs."