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A Movement, Defined

And now, an enthralling oral history of one of the most important photos on the internet: the definitive Wikipedia image for "grinding (dance)." So we all grabbed some props, because we are sheep, and the hat stayed with Joe all night. After a surprisingly small amount of convincing, they got on the bar and history was made. They were up there for at least 2 minutes, collecting dollar bills while losing a bit of dignity. Of course i had to take a pic, because it was my duty to embarrass them with it later.

This is how history is often made: two embarrassing minutes at [...]


Is the Voynich Manuscript Mexican? Scientists Say "Maybe," Ugh

Have you heard of the Voynich Manuscript? Otherwise known as the best manuscript-based mystery in the entire world? If you haven't, read the Wikipedia page, which in its own right is a stellar #longread, but if you want a #shortread, okay, here it is, so you can beef up before learning about the newest plot twist in this mystery.