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Frank Ocean, "Forrest Gump"

"Be clear. Frank Ocean, as part of a hip hop collective (Odd Future), will go down in history as the most high profile hip hop/R&B artist to go public with their homosexuality or bi-sexuality. In the same year that President Obama publicly supports gay marriage, and Anderson Cooper comes out of the closet, it will be really interesting to see how one of the more openly homophobic subcultures reacts to Frank’s honesty. Is his audience younger and more open-minded so it won’t phase them? Will other long-rumored gay, lesbian, or bisexual hip hop stars be inspired to make their own statements? Ironically, Frank’s crew has put out some really [...]


Mary J. Blige And Grand Puba, "What's The 411?"

Because today is 4.11 on your digital calendar, our friends at ego trip are thoughtful enough to remind us of this incredibly great performance of "What's the 411?" from a 1992 episode of Yo! MTV Raps. I was listening to Grand Puba's 1995 album, 2000, recently, and I think it might well be the most under-rated rap album that I know. It's totally excellent! And, Mary J. Blige, well, you probably don't really need any more info about her. She's the undisputed queen of hip-hop soul and all. But did you know she could rap like that?


Masspike Miles, "Sex Compass"

When I was in college, a guy I knew had a really bad day when, at the behest of two platonic girl friends, he drew a picture of where he thought the clitoris was located in relationship to the vagina. He drew it at the bottom. And the girls told everybody. First of all, I swear that I am not the guy in this story. Secondly, too bad Maybach Music Group singer Masspike Miles wasn't around back when we were in college, because he has apparently invented a device designed explicitly to locate hard-to-find features of the female anatomy. I would quote the lyrics to this song, which are [...]


Robert Kelly As Interested As Ever In Bodies

"Many American Indians had questioned the need for research on their ancestors’ bones, and considered archaeological digs to be insulting, or simple theft. Tensions were often high. I still recall the moment in 1979, when I was starting out in archaeology, that two young Paiute men approached me in a bar in Fallon, Nev., flashing knives, and warned me not to 'dig up' their grandfather." —R. Kelly* has a nice op-ed in today's Times about the importance of allowing archeologists to study ancient American Indian remains. * University of Wyoming Robert L. Kelly.


Fat Joe's Story About R. Kelly Beating People Up In An Underground Chicago Fight Club

"As part of a promotional campaign for his The Darkside Vol. 1 album, which was released last year, the PR/Cuban rapper shot a series of webisodes called 'Fat Joe’s Tales From the Darkside.' For Part 3, he tells about the time he was visiting R&B sensation R. Kelly in Chicago and how he didn’t believe Kellz when the crooner told him he was a real bona fide thug." —Awl pals Ego Trip being Ego Trip, they have once again unearthed an amazing bit of hip-hop to share with the world.


Dru Hill, "Love M.D." (And The Mastery Of R&B Ridiculousness)

The millions-selling Baltimore R&B quartet Dru Hill are set to return in April with their first new album in eight years. Original members Sisqo, Nokio and Jazz are joined by a new member, Tao, who replaces Skola, who replaced original member Woody in 2000. The album is called InDRUpendance Day, a title that would probably be worth a post of its own. (If only to serve as a reminder that the folks who brought the world Sisqo's monumental solo smash "The Thong Song" haven't lost their sense of the ridiculous.) But even better, they've made a video for a new single, "Love M.D."