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Who Runs Olympic Sports? It's Men

Congratulations field hockey, you're the most progressive sport in the whole Olympic program.

That needs some clarification: It's not the sports themselves under scrutiny here, but the sports' governing bodies. The above graphic describes the gender makeup of the executive committees—the people in charge—of every sport in the Olympic program (London 2012 and Sochi 2014). That's summer sports on top, winter on bottom; men on the right, women to the left.

For example, starting at the bottom—we are in the midst of the Sochi winter games, after all—the World Curling Federation has seven men and one woman on its executive committee (you can mouseover each horizontal bar for specifics).


Ratings Show Enduring Appeal Of Vampires, Giant Dongs

HBO's "True Blood" and "Hung" did exceptionally well in the ratings Sunday night. Even "Entourage," now in its sixth season, saw vast improvement numbers-wise. All of this exceptionally good news for "Cockula: The Hollywood Files," my project about a vampire with an enormous dick who makes it big in LA. I'm thinking Viggo Mortensen for the lead, but if the right deal can be made I'm happy to consider alternatives.