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Today Is The Day We Can Get Rid Of Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen believes De Blasio's biracial marriage causes regular voters to "suppress a gag reflex." CRAISINS.

— Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn) November 12, 2013

Huh? "People with conventional views… repress a gag reflex when considering a white man married to a black woman."

— Jeffrey Goldberg (@JeffreyGoldberg) November 12, 2013

Richard Cohen just wrote his retirement notice.

— Jack Shafer (@jackshafer) November 12, 2013

In. SO FUCKING IN. RT @anamariecox: Who wants to get Richard Cohen fired today? Time to punch the clock, Internet.

— delrayser (@delrayser) November 12, 2013

"Oh shit, we accidentally published [...]


Mr. Wrong: Chicken Stamps with Dipping Sauce

There's a lot going on in America right now, and I might be late to the party on most of this shit, but I was totally all over that Chicken-coupon problem with Oprah, man. I got the Twitter transcripts or whatever you wanna call 'em to prove it; seriously, I was downloading on those coupons as soon as I heard about 'em, and I saw the problem with the serial numbers all being the same unless you downloaded 'em with the official download/printer thing that you had to install, so you could get four coupons, but anyway, people are Hungry, man, that's what's going on in My America, and while [...]


The Great Nobel Prize Cash-In Begins With A Big Bang

What is the current market value of a Nobel Prize? Until yesterday, that question would have been virtually impossible to answer, which proved to be advantageous to the family of Francis Crick. Heritage Auctions, the entity that conducted the sale of Crick’s 23-carat gold medal in New York this week, declared it a "historic moment."

As such, bidding started at $250,000.

1 Niels Bohr offered his own Nobel Prize to benefit the Finland Relief in 1940. It was purchased by an anonymous bidder who donated it to the Frederiksborg Museum. Son Aage Niels Bohr, a nuclear physicist, also won the prize. The younger Bohr died in 2009, and whoever [...]

Mississippi Decides To Finally Abolish Slavery, Because of Movie

Abraham Lincoln is the biggest action hero in Hollywood these days, with his character starring in such recent blockbusters as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the Steven Spielberg movie about Lincoln's quieter side, and probably Django Unchained. As so often happens when a film captures the heart of America, a neurobiology professor at the University of Mississippi saw Lincoln and wondered if slavery was still allowed where he lives and works.

Dr. Ranjan Batra immigrated to the United States from India and became a U.S. citizen four years ago. With the zeal typical of the new citizen, Batra asked somebody to look on a website, which led to the discovery that [...]