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Louis Vuitton Has Cleopatra Jones Riot Grrl Accident

I mean, man, things are really happening over in Paris at the shows. First the Chanel bomb went off-Lily Allen, hay barns, ugliness-and now all this afro-headed girl-kitten post-early-Courtney-Love extremely inelegant and slightly militaristic business from Vuitton. Can you stand it? I think I cannot. Also here is the thing with the afros that every model is wearing on the runway: Vuitton is one of the only luxury brands that is happy with its substantial black client base, both here and in Europe. Is the afro thing a fun, knowing wink? Is it mockery? It makes me awkward. Also you know, maybe next time, black models-although at least they [...]


The Last Sad Gasps of the 'Baltimore Sun'

Tom Scocca: Did you ever read that Baltimore Sun piece? About the hit-and-run?

Choire Sicha: About the 17-year-old boxer who was allegedly run down by the police, whilst on his dirtbike? Yes I did!

Tom Scocca: That was as bad as a newspaper story ever gets. There was no epistemological effort put into it at all.