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White Babies White Racist Babies: Study

"The study revealed when it came to picking a playmate, the babies seemed more tolerant of unfairness when the white recipient benefited from it. They picked the fair experimenter less often when the unfair experimenter gave more toys to the white recipient rather than the Asian one. The researchers say this implies that babies can take into account both race and social history when deciding which person would make a better playmate."


Here's Who To Blame For White People

"Light skin in Europeans stems from ONE 10,000-year-old ancestor who lived between India and the Middle East, claims study"


Writer Takes Issue With White People

"When Postal Service fans get aggressively upset over a black opening act, that's evidence of a bigger problem" On so very many levels.


Chase the Racebow

Ooh, Racialicious just started a four-part panel discussion on interracial dating. I always like when people talk about funny perceptions of race when they were young, like this one: "There were a ton of interracial relationships in my family. For the longest time I assumed my white aunts were just fair-skinned black women."


America’s Korean Adoptees, Part 3: Dating Inside and Out

"Most white men either see me as the ‘me so horny' girl or I'm ‘cute.' My white girlfriends think, ‘He thinks you're cute!' And I think, ‘No, he wants me in a school girl outfit," said my adopted Korean-American friend Rachel, who grew up in my small hometown.

Well, this isn't new. Most Asian-American girls could probably tell you a similar story. Rebecca, a 23-year-old adoptee from Wisconsin, once had a guy tell her that it's "every guy's dream to have sex with an Asian girl." Rachel knows that "when I go to a bar and there are 80 white girls, 19 black girls, and me, I'm not surprised [...]


Floyd Mayweather As The Great Black Villain

"Shane Mosley says ‘Floyd Mayweather fights for money.' You fuckin' dummy; I'm a prizefighter. That's what I'm supposed to fight for: a prize. Duh!"Floyd ‘Money' Mayweather.

People say that Floyd Mayweather is arrogant, that he doesn't care about "boxing" in the abstract, only himself. This is the opposite of the truth.


Which Is The Whitest TV Network Of Them All? (CBS)

ABC CBS Fox NBC Fox with Animation CBS without Five-0

It's part of the reason CBS paid $10.8 billion for 14 years worth of broadcast rights to the NCAA tournament.

Yes, having the rights to a really popular sporting events allows networks to sell ad time at a premium during said event, but it also gives them the opportunity to pimp their own programming. "Hey, now that we have several million people watching Tennessee play Michigan, why not tell them about that new comedy we're airing?" It doesn't take a particular genius to figure that out, but all of the networks do it and they've all [...]


Indians Asian

"NYPD Commissioner Kelly issues memo to clarify Indians are Asian"


That White Robber Is Probably Just A Black Man In A Mask

"A crafty trio of black robbers bought amazingly lifelike disguises from a Hollywood special-effects firm to transform themselves into white guys for a brazen Queens heist — and their get-ups were so good, their victims had no clue they were in masks." —Black guys pretending to be white to commit crime? This is like the ultimate Fox News jerk-off fantasy.


Rap After Odd Future: Action Bronson is Magical

Seth Colter Walls: Hi Cord Jefferson! Is there any new rap music that you have thoughts on or that you like especially? And if you say "Tyler" or "Odd Future," I will stab you in your esophagus!

Cord Jefferson: Ha! Yes, I feel like I've said all I need to say. Everybody's said all they need to about Tyler and Odd Future.

Seth: Oh, they will pull you back in before long, I'm sure. But yes, let's talk Rap A.T. (After Tyler.)

Cord: Within the past two weeks, I have developed a deep, deep obsession with a rapper out of Queens called Action Bronson. I'm more excited about [...]


Black People Internet and White People Internet and Class Snobbery

The Economist takes a look at black people and white people Internet, finding that they are, in global terms (not individual terms!), two very different things. (And also that people flee services they feel are for poor people.) This includes Twitter: "In May Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas, who research the display of social information, looked at the ten most popular hashtags on Twitter and discovered that most were used almost exclusively by either black or white authors." Another researcher found that, across the Internet, "in their online life, American teenagers were recreating what they knew from the physical world-separation by class and race." I won't hold my [...]


Chocolate Chip: If Whites are the New Blacks, Then Why Am I Doing this White Guy?

Spring is here-so it's time to get that business waxed and get them rocks off. It's the only time of year when I don't feel creepy about being horny 24 hours a day. That said, I want something to be different this year. I want something fresh and new. Don't get me wrong, I stay randy, but when it comes to the men I sleep with, I'm consistently pretty dull. White dude after white dude after white dude after white dude. This is a good thing, in one way, because we all know: most interracial couples are doomed from the beginning.


How To Tell If You're On Black Twitter

"Catchy hashtags are a hallmark and give clues that the tweeting in question is a Black Twitter thing." [Related]


Yeah, Right, "A Sidewalk Description"

"Groh is the owner of Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop at 6030 Torresdale Ave., and if that doesn't ring a bell, here's the name it used until March 31: Chink's Steaks, a Wissinoming landmark since 1949. Seem familiar now? I doubt many, if any, of Chink's customers connected the name with a racial slur. The steak shop was named by founder Sam "Chink" Sherman, who got the nickname when he was a kid due to his almond shaped eyes. You can argue whether his friends meant it as an Asian slur or a sidewalk description. America was, rightly or wrongly, less sensitive about such things then." —It's a tough one, [...]


But What if Michael Vick Was a Vegetarian Mexican?

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Here's my ESPN mag essay about Michael Vick & race. I asked them not to call it What If Vick Were White but they did.Thu Aug 25 16:18:38 via Twitter for BlackBerry®TouréToure

How stupid are magazines? So stupid that the writers of the pieces for those magazines now tend to take to Twitter to denounce the packaging, headlining and illustration. (The illustration—Michael Vick whiteface—ESPN promptly removed; you can see it here.)

In any event, if you read the actual ESPN piece by Touré, [...]


I Am an Oppressed Minority White Man and I Am Upset

From time to time, but mostly on Fridays, when we're tired, The Awl gives over its editorial space to everyday citizens with a point of view. Opinions do not reflect yadda yadda, disclaimer disclaimer.

What the CNN says, for once, is true, buddy: We white folk, which is to say, non-Italians and non-Jews who look like white people, have on the front of their heads the new faces of racial discrimination. And everyone knows it: "A recent Public Religion Research Institute poll found 44% of Americans surveyed identify discrimination against whites as being just as big as bigotry aimed at blacks and other minorities." Finally someone said it, [...]


See, White People Have Belly Buttons Like This

Why do black people run faster than white people while white people swim faster than black people? Hahaha, are you kidding? There's NO WAY I'm touching that question! Science, however, is less concerned with the attendant controversies: Researchers at Duke University have determined that the placement of the belly button-the body's center of gravity-makes all the difference. Study author Andre Bejan breaks it down.


Harold Ford Described Incredibly Well

"He's like a kid with their first pair of white Converse coming out of the house with no scuffs on him." -A 60-year-old former Harlem resident and congregant of the Greater Refuge Temple in Buffalo, New York, describing Senate maybe-candidate Harold Ford's visit on Sunday.