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Body Unbeaten

Ronald Herron, better known as the rapper Ra Diggs, "beat a body" once. He did not this time: The Gowanus Houses drug kingpin was convicted by a jury of three murders—including the one he had ducked in state court—and a number of drug and racketeering charges.


The Rise and Fall of Vincent Winfield

Two weeks ago, at the Eastern District Court of New York, federal prosecutors played a video of the rapper and alleged drug kingpin Ronald Herron, better known as Ra Diggs, driving around Boerum Hill, monologuing about his life and his environment. "This is not my 'hood like I'm from here. This is My Hood," Herron says, looking out the window as he drives. Herron throws his whole weight behind the last two words as the tall, brick buildings of the Gowanus Houses flash by in the background. "I am surveying my terrain."

The video was filmed in the fall of 2008 by a man named Vincent Winfield. Also known [...]