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Denmark Vessey, "That One Thai Joint" (And A Couple Other Joints)

The rappers associated with the Detroit-based Crown Nation collective are probably best-known for their pothead music. (And, I don't mean anything negative by that. It's high-quality pothead music.) But Quelle Chris's partner Denmark Vessey chose a nom de microphone that carries more serious historical weight. It's a great, great rap name. And with hints of Mos Def in his voice and delivery, Denmark is living up to it well. That's his latest video, above. And his other stuff is definitely worth checking out, too.


New Trends In Hip-Hop: Two Blunts At Once

Kids today. I remember when people thought it was crazy when Kriss Kross wore their jeans backwards. Currently there seems to be a new trend sweeping the hip-hop nation. As evidenced in a number of recent popular rap music videos, the new thing seems to be smoking two blunts at the same time. Or two joints. Two marijuana cigarettes. This would not be so remarkable [Ed.: it is actually not that remarkable], were it not for the fact that it flies in face of age-old conventional wisdom about pot smoking.


Quelle Chris, "Another Blunt"

Herman Cain's chief of staff Mark Block has made a new campaign ad.

Just kidding. Actually, that's a new video from Detroit rapper and producer Quelle Chris, whose album Shotgun & Sleek Rifle comes out next week. The first single from album, "Symbolic (Basquiat)" came out a few weeks ago. And it's good, but not as good as its B-side, "Shotguns" (sort of a title track to the album, I guess) which features Chris's friend and frequent collaborator Danny Brown and long-toiling Long Island MC Roc Marciano.