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Alternate Names for the Neighborhood Unfortunately Referred to As "Quooklyn" by the New York Times, Ranked

1. Woodbush

2. Ridgewood

3. Bushwood

4. "Well my mailing address is Queens but I feel like I live in Brooklyn."


Understanding Metropolitan Diary: Queens in Queens Edition

It's been a while since we've played "Explaining Metropolitan Diary" (previously; and also; to be sure) but… well, here we are, with today's fourth item:

Dear Diary:

Recently, I made an interesting discovery. The eccentric middle-aged man who parades around my quiet Queens suburb sheathed in gowns of the most extravagantly tacky sort, while pushing his companion, a toylike pink and orange poodle (dressed to the nines of course) in an equally ostentatious stroller, is, in fact, a lawyer.

Emily Gifford

This item is enraging in at least four ways.


The Secret, Dreamy Peach Grove of New York City

After recently being told about a stand of peach trees in a remote corner of Queens, I was invited to visit-under the conditions that I not disclose the neighborhood in question or the identity of my source. I was informed that I would have to drive: many parts of New York City are not accessible by public transportation, and this was one of them. As for directions, you may or may not be relieved to learn that Google Maps was not up to the task, and, had I followed its instructions, I would have been led into (and under) a reed-filled swamp on the southwestern shores of Brooklyn. Undeterred [...]


What Happens To Queens?

While we're all assessing the Bloomberg legacy, we should remember a wonky but big part of the city’s transformation in the last dozen years: the rise of the Business Improvement District. Of New York City’s 68 BIDs in operation today—the latest being the hard-fought SoHo BID—24 were founded since 2002. The BID model runs the gamut from corporate-financed midtown groups, like the 34th Street Partnership, to smaller outer-borough associations that pool money for holiday lights and maybe pay for some extra street cleaning and trash removal. They have taken up roots and cleaned up their areas—and now several are looking to extensively widen their borders, including one in [...]


Alleged Face-Slashing Senator Now Only Slashing Pepperoni

Do you want your Monday mornings to be full of great news, the sort of news that embodies a yearning for an electrifying week to come? That fills you with a hope for humanity while also allowing you a chuckle at our mutual expense? By nearly any standard, this week promises to be gangbusters! Our least favorite local politician is now the proprietor of a small pizza shop in Queens, and the Post, to its credit, does what the Post does best:

Hiram Monserrate is serving the public again—one slice at a time.

The shamed former state senator is getting rid of his aggression these days by [...]


Apartment's Ameneties Include Nice View, Wind Tunnel Simulator

Would you pay $270,000 for a third-floor studio apartment in a new-ish Astoria condo building? What if it provided this experience every time an N or W train went by, thanks to its direct view of the elevated tracks that carry those trains: "Like the ominous slow-motion moment that precedes an explosion in an action movie, conversation ceased, everyone in the room froze and hairstyles rose and bowed in windy deference"? I would say "no," especially if it meant giving money over to a broker who quipped "You feel like you're in the city" after that hair-raising experience! Because, you know, the taxes and the buses and the 718 [...]


Llamas In New York City: What Is The Deal?

People share tiny narratives and enigmatic pictures on social media all the time. Sometimes that’s not enough for us. We like details. So we have to ask.

What we know: On August 15th, Lindsey Weber posted this picture to her Tumblr. What we don't know: Everything else.

Lindsey. So what happened here?

I was at Queens County Farm Museum up in Glen Oaks for a screening of the new Romeo + Juliet meets Bonnie and Clyde film, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, by 2011 Rooftop Films grant winner David Lowery. Rooftop set up this big screen (that looked like a bouncey castle) among some sunflowers, and right before [...]


In Queens, To Find Locations Best

We recently lamented getting around in Queens, but little did we know, somehow, about this.

In Queens, to find locations best Avenues, roads and drives run west; But ways to north or south 'tis plain Are street or place or even lane. While even numbers you meet Upon the west and south of street.