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How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

"We’re bombarded with poorly written and braindead pieces of content that are engineered to go viral for the sake of virality, not to educate and improve the individual or society," wrote "Roosh V" on his blog the other day:

The internet has become a machine to fill gaps in your ego and self-esteem so that you receive the emotional benefits of validation…. The content you read now has moved from being primarily intellectual from the time of the Gutenberg press to primarily emotional. In the past, it was just too expensive to publish something with the intent to piss someone off or to gather lulz. Like with the first [...]


Lisa Exits "The Room"

About ten minutes into The Room, a film that is considered the worst ever made, the actress Juliette Danielle has to make love to her fiancé, who is played by the film's writer and director, Tommy Wiseau. They are atop a bed of rose petals. Soft R&B plays. The camera lingers over Johnny’s pale bottom. Cascades of mermaid-length black hair spill over his back cleavage. As he thrusts into what seems to be Lisa’s belly button, she looks at him chidingly, as if he’s a soused comic who’s just told a fairly racist joke at an open mic.

Like most soft-core sex scenes, the love scene in The Room is [...]


Is Dr. Drew Addicted to Addicts?

The upcoming season of 'Celebrity Rehab' features such TMZ listers as Sean Young and Lindsay Lohan's dad. If Drew's right, it seems like a contradiction at best and a cruel joke at worst to put these troubled people in front of cameras, which reinforces rather than challenges their narcissism. Drew's heard this criticism before. 'Here's the thing: These are unmotivated people who want to be on TV and make money. That's why they're there,' Drew insists. 'And in spite of that, they end up getting treatment, feeling good about it, being transformed by it.' According to his informal data—follow-up calls, e-mails, what you read on Perez Hilton—about 20 [...]


Cherayla Davis, Amateur

All six of the contestants at the Apollo Amateur Night semifinals had already advanced through two rounds. Of them, only Cherayla Davis had won first place in both of her appearances. When James Brown competed in Amateur Night, he was booed. Luther Vandross and Lauryn Hill were also booed. Dave Chappelle: booed. Cherayla Davis had never been booed. And this night, she was going out first.


'Times' Profile Guessing Game: Laura Linney? Or Patricia Clarkson?

Two profiles diverged in a gray newspaper-and sorry I could not read both. Let's play: Which Times' actress profile was it? Was it… Patricia Clarkson or Laura Linney?


People You Know: Michael Musto, 25 Years In

The Village Voice's newsroom, which has gradually been consolidated onto one floor, was eerily quiet when I went to visit Michael Musto. Cubicles had been folded down and stacked near the windows, leaving empty space. A trio of people in suits-speaking to each other in hushed tones-patrolled the maze. Blown-up Voice front pages marked another era. Musto said that he saw "depressing" trends towards corporatization all over New York, but he renounces easy nostalgia trips. Although he already has fond memories of the most recent boom.


Amy Larocca Does Some Serious Spade Work

Here are my favorite five little bits in the profile of Kate and Andy Spade in New York magazine. I find the Spades actually kind of charming and even so this story is making me laugh and laugh. It's like taking a big branding-scented bath in word association.

1. The Spades took Bea to Disneyland for the first time at the end of January. A few days after they got home, Andy had a party at Partners & Spade to celebrate the release of the first two of six books of photographs he had taken with his iPhone.


The Extra Woman

One in an irregular series of profiles of fabulous older women.

The first time I met Adele Daniller, she kept offering me food. This was several years ago, at her home in Tarzana, CA, in what Los Angeles people call "the Valley." I’d come to Daniller’s house with her daughter, Lydia Daniller, a photographer friend. After refusing a few rounds of snacks, I got up to go to the bathroom and ended up wandering through the Daniller’s living room. It was a hot afternoon, and the lights were off. The cool, dark room felt soothing. On every wall and in every nook was art: sculptures, framed [...]


What We Learned From Bill, The Old Man In The Kenyon College Bookstore

  • He saved the world from destruction with his rocket science. He and Wernher von Braun saved the world and all its vegetables.
  • Smoking will make you impotent.
  • He knows "Goodnight Irene" in German.
  • He was raised by nuns because he was an orphan, but he was kicked out when he made a pass at a nun novice. "Early pooberty." He was 9. She was 13.
  • Crazy hats get you a good job.
  • Irene's skin has a pink glow so she'll have at least 3 children.
  • He dated a [...]

Pronoun(ced) Disaster! Justin Bond Furious Over 'NY' Mag Profile

Justin Bond promised some time ago that V would be very pissed at anyone who referred to V with a gendered pronoun, and so, understandably, V is really unhappy at today's New York magazine profile. (Facebook samplings: "ugly, transphobic hit piece" and "Wow! I can't even begin to find words about how offensive the Carl Swanson piece in NY Magazine turned out to be. I had him in my house—time to bring out the bleach.") I mean, Wikipedia can deal with the pronouns; why couldn't a gay writer at a magazine helmed by a gay? (That being said, I'm pretty sure the writer is [...]


No One Really Knows Why Local Man Does Strange Thing: The Nick Denton Story

There are many ways to read today's New Yorker profile of Nick Denton, a New York City-based man who runs a network of popular websites. I think the best way I've found to read it so far is this one: print it out, or to otherwise somehow obtain a printed copy of the piece, and then highlight (perhaps in yellow?) all the quotes by Denton himself. As with all previous Denton profiles-and it's not a fault of these profiles or the writers, I don't think!-you will come searching for a "why" and you may again come away frustrated on a quick read. And yet still, when this one [...]


Real America: Tom Emmer, Minnesota's Last Sovereign Individual

As Minnesota governor Tim "T-Paw" Pawlenty gears up to rid himself of his characteristic Midwest abhorrence of touching other people so that he can run for president, the VW Beetle packed with clowns unloading to fill his vacancy as Minnesota governor is finally almost empty.

Candidate Tom Emmer is proving to be one of the more amusing. But don't laugh.


Very Recent History: Charles Pierce

Today's top actresses (your Natalie Portmans, Reese Witherspoons, your-what the hell?-Rachel McAdamses) are all arch-feminine. They play vulnerable, lissome, thin, and, often, ever-so-polite. It's been that way for a while. Who was the last big movie star who broached any sort of gender boundary? Kathleen Turner, maybe-and where is she? On a recent episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, in which the contestants and RuPaul manques were asked to impersonate celebrities, not a single current movie star was represented, unless you count Paris Hilton. Have you ever seen a drag queen impersonate Gwyneth Paltrow?


James Cameron, Loon, To Make Lots More Money Soon

This profile of James Cameron reveals that he is a fabulous crazy person who basically talks like Tony Soprano, which you probably already knew, what with the five wives, the insane budgets, the love of hot death and the run of box office magic. Sometimes crazy works! Such as his preparation for fires in the vicinity of his Malibu compound. "We have a big fire problem here," he said. He mentioned that he has his own pump house. "We take the pool water, mix it with Class A foam, and pump it out over the whole property. Everybody else just runs for the hills." He threw his hands up [...]


How Do You Feel About Melissa Leo?

Something about Melissa Leo rubs me the wrong way, and unlike those times you pretend you don't know why or can't quite put your finger on it or whatever I will say exactly what the something is that is responsible for the wrong-rubbing: her "self-commissioned For Your Consideration ad campaign [for the 2011 Best Supporting Actress Oscar]." Remember that, when she paid for her own ads asking people to vote for her for an Oscar? This profile of Leo by Doree Shafrir posits that my discomfort was in part inspired by the fact that "Leo had so brazenly deviated from [...]


Ron Burkle Owns a Little Bit of Everything

I was all "oh, groan, why is there a Ron Burkle profile in the New Yorker, what year is it?" But I was incorrect! The year is now! Between his buddying around with Novak Djokovic and Leo DiCaprio and Harvey Weinstein most of all, and his going full-time into Hollywood producer-bundler making-money-out-of-nothing mode, the Burkle is more timely than ever. Also worth it: the full, brutal tale of his divorce. (You can feel Burkle's rage on reading this profile, by the way. Boy oh boy, I bet he regrets participating.) He conducted a major sale the day after she signed the prenup, thereby limiting their community property to a [...]


The World Must Be Good if Anna Faris is Becoming Famous

It's always exciting when the girl who was never supposed to make it totally makes it! And so yay, the New Yorker profile of Anna Faris today (subscription only!), who can now place herself on a list of lady actress script-readers behind "Reese, Cameron, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Katherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway." (Sidebar: at least two of those are frightening and crazy and also chronic liars! To be fair, at least two of them are kindly and human.) But it's a very good look at the "problem" of women doing comedy. Hmm. Is it a "problem"? It's a problem, if you want to spend a lot [...]


Andrew Cuomo Is Ready To Be Your Emperor Already

The New York Times magazine moves from narcissist to narcissist! Now that horrible photo on this coming Sunday's mag is of a frightening-looking Andrew Cuomo. There's this gambit early on in the profile: "When you spend time with Andrew Cuomo, it can be easy to forget that a little more than two election cycles ago his personal life was in shambles and his political career appeared to be over." Not that easy, apparently! And it's littered with nuggets like this. "When HUD's inspector general, Susan Gaffney, criticized some of Cuomo's management decisions, his office, according to a departmental-harassment claim she filed, started a smear campaign to destroy her [...]


Robert Davi, Philosopher and Tea Party Enthusiast

"He gestured towards a dinner roll and spoke about its 'bread-ness'-the wan material object we call bread, juxtaposed with the vibrant reality of bread floating somewhere in the ether. 'When you intellectualize your creation,' he said, 'you destroy your creation.'" -Robert Davi, ladies and gentlemen.


Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

Matt Cherette is 25 and lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, about fifteen minutes from his parents' house. He traveled to New York in the second week of February and while he was here, he signed the paperwork for a job at Gawker.TV. He would be their night coordinator. This was an opportunity to actually get paid for the sort of diligent content repurposing that he's been doing for free, for years, on the LiveJournal-hosted gossip community Oh No They Didn't.

While he was in New York, he came to a party thrown by his new boss, Richard Blakeley, at Destination Bar, on Avenue A. The Tennessee-Vanderbilt game was [...]