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Issue Framed

"The thing was, he was a very nice man. All the men who attended the seminars were very nice men—also quite brave men, because they’d catch flack on their campuses for going to a women’s college to do a feminist seminar. And I found myself going back and forth in my mind over the question, Are these nice men, or are they oppressive? I thought I had to choose. It hadn't occurred to me that you could be both."


The Big Secret Twitter Doesn't Want You To Know That Might Be Killing You

Do you like that Upworthy (Upchuckworthy!) style headline? It might promise quite a lot—but I'm going to deliver.

That's right. I'm going to tell you the one thing on Twitter that it seems like most people don't know. And it's bad for them. And the solution to it? Added bonus: it's bad for Twitter.

And I'm going to do it for free.

One unintended consequence of Twitter, and it's a real flaw baked into the medium—(Medium? No pun intended)—is that it's a fast stream. It probably wasn't in the first couple years! But now you follow 600, 800, 1200 people. Your Twitter stream is hauling ass.

And [...]


"Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

"When we were in pre-production we started thinking about how we were going to create future L.A., and was I was excited by the idea of collaging two cities together and so we ended up going to Shanghai and using very specific, curated areas of Shanghai with very specific curated areas of Los Angeles and I think… it was this idea that we were trying to make this very warm, tactile world, with the materials and fabrics and the woods, and create this world that felt like this utopic world that everything's nice and everything's comfortable and even in this world where you're getting everything you need and having [...]


Privilege Explained

Life really is like a videogame! What setting are you on? [Via]


What Does Your Coffee Say About You? And… Is It Something Terrible?

A tall man with a boy’s face stood outside Philz, a $$-on-Yelp coffee shop with a branch in the Tenderloin. He approached the sleek pre-yuppies going in and out and said, “Excuse me?”

He was white and young and fairly clean—nothing like the bums they’d ignored all day—so many stopped. When he then asked for change, they would duck and weave into the AC’d haven of $4 coffee with fresh mint sprigs. (The nice ones stumbled over an apology.) He moved on.

This Philz (a Bay Area chain) is on Van Ness and Turk, a block from Polk Street and its famous gay and transgender prostitutes. It backs up to [...]