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That Face! The Uncanny Art Of Studio Photography's Heyday

Ahmad el Abed, a tailor. Saida, Lebanon, 1948-53. by Hashem el Madani. Collection: AIF/ Hashem el Madani. Copyright © Arab Image Foundation.

No product of human industry is infinite, but photography comes close. In 1976, John Szarkowski, the longtime curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, announced, somewhat gnomically, that "the world now contains more photographs than bricks." As a metaphor of plenitude, Szarkowski’s phrase is wonderfully material, suggesting that photographs are just another object in the world, at once essential and interchangeable. As an estimate of quantity though, it now seems impossibly low. If digital photographs count (as by now they must), then the real figure [...]


Portraits From A Cross-Country Road Trip

The first in a month-long series on terrible trips, great journeys and getting lost.

In March, I quit my job in advertising to pursue a career in photography. With no money coming in and gas prices at an all-time high, I decided the timing was perfect for a soul-searching cross-country road trip. For three months I traveled in my FJ Cruiser (a great rig for all the elements, not so great for gas mileage). After a trip to Austin to cover SXSW, my route became a nonsensical zigzag pattern around the western half of the country, the points based on wherever I had a friend to stay with, [...]


Random New Yorker: Matthew Michael Cooper, "Sleight of the Mind Artist"

Tell me about your job.

My job consists mainly of magic but I've gone into a different area of psychological tricks of the mind. I like to call myself a 'sleight of the mind artist.' It encompasses traditional slight of hand, modern mind reading and con artistry. I've got a gig at a hotel bar right now, and I present weird and strange tricks to people while they're drinking it up.