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Story Slow

Serial tackles one story over the course of many installments–roughly as many as encompass a season of an HBO drama such as True Detective, the show to which Serial is often compared because the first serial Koenig has tackled is the story of Adnan Syed, a high school student convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. Did he do it? Or has he been wrongly jailed for a crime he didn't commit? Each episode is an installment in an ongoing attempt to figure that out.

The producers themselves don't know how their story ends: They approach the subject as intensely curious storytellers, not crusaders for the accused or the deceased.

The new [...]


"The Catapult": Where To Hear New Writing

The Catapult is a new podcast that highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. Here's episode one! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Everything You Need to Know About Today in Under Two Minutes

Did you know tonight is the Museum Mile Festival? Do you need a regular morning primer for the day ahead? Subscribe to this in iTunes right here.


PSA: New "A Life Well Wasted"

You guys all know that the latest episode of A Life Well Wasted, the meticulously crafted podcast about, well, life, has a segment on that dude afflicted with the world's largest penis, right?


Two Years in Night Vale

Almost one year ago today, a very strange thing happened to the very strange podcast "Welcome to Night Vale": It became very, very popular. On the show’s first anniversary in June, all of the episodes had been collectively downloaded about 150,000 times. The following week, they were downloaded another 150,000 times. For several months, "Night Vale" was, according to iTunes, the country’s most popular podcast.

Since last summer, the New York-based "Night Vale" has been able to capitalize on its fame: a book deal with Harpers; tours across the United States and Canada; stops at the Comic-Cons. Co-creator Jeffrey Cranor told me that the "unsustainable explosive growth" the show [...]


America's Most Popular Podcast: What The Internet Did To "Welcome to Night Vale"

"Welcome to Night Vale" is a twice-monthly, 25-ish-minute podcast featuring news, traffic, and weather out of a small town in the Southwestern corner of the United States that does not actually exist. The town’s dog park, which is forbidden, is fictional, as is the mayor, Pamela Winchell, who is probably demonic. The radio show’s host, Cecil Baldwin is real, kind of. One of his most-used words is "void."

Created and written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, out of New York City, "Night Vale" has been running for little more than a year. Fink told me that on the first anniversary of the series, in June, the episodes had [...]


Things That Actually Exist: Comedy Podcasts by Something Called "Women"

If perhaps you were intrigued by the idea of podcasts by comedians but you aren't interested in living in a male-only world, as Paul Brownfield, the author of this past weekend's Times mag piece on podcasts by comedians does, here are a few things for you to explore!

• In the print version of the magazine, but not online, How Was Your Week?, by Awl pal Julie Klausner, got tied for his final pick. That's… nice that it got a mention! It's very good. Perhaps you will enjoy, if you can stand the fact that Julie doesn't have a penis.

• There is also the podcast of [...]


Free Iain Banks

News that scifi book nerds can use: Orbit Books is serializing the audio edition of the new Iain M. Banks book, Transition, for free!


Two Stories About Uteri

The Catapult highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. This episode has Meghan Flaherty and Matthew Rossi telling stories about the vagaries of human incubation. Sort of! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Your Guide to Today in 2 Minutes and 9 Seconds

The day ahead, and the morning in review! (Subscribe on iTunes here.)


Some Podcasts That May Amuse

Podcasts you may find amusing should you like that kind of thing.