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Reintroducing Elliott Smith

Recently I was driving upstate to visit my brother Tom on the farm he lives and works on with other disabled people. Because I was by myself for the drive and it’s good to have something fun to listen to I made myself a mix of Elliott Smith songs. Why not! Even though it’s sad that Elliott Smith died at age 34 ten years ago today, his music wasn't all broken bottles in empty parking lots, stained floors, naked mattresses and irreversible damage.

Just kidding, of course it was. He’s the patron saint of heartbreak. Merle Haggard made misery sound manly, Stephen Merritt turned it [...]


"Let's Destroy Everything": A Solstice Party Playlist

Don't you ever just want to burn down your house and run out into the street screaming, like because of capitalism and people and stuff, and what a terrible week it was? Here, we made a Spotify playlist for you for that'll help (thanks, "ironically," to capitalism and people and stuff).


100 Great (Not Best!) Songs of 2011

This is not a “best of 2011” music list. I didn’t hear or read or see all the music this year. Did you? Perhaps after consulting with a suitably large staff, a publication could reasonably claim to draw a box around, say, the best music of the year. I tend to count myself rarely satisfied with these attempts, though, even if I'm consulted. How about you?

No, don’t even start, as I’ve seen every single one of you beefing on Twitter about a subjective list. You weren’t wrong to do so! Lists are always wrong. It’s a part of their power, this axiomatic guarantee of failure. A list might “start [...]


An Hour Of Relaxing Music

Some days are long. Some Mondays are terrible. Some Mondays are long and terrible. Here, I made a playlist for you to listen to from a bathtub. Maybe bring a nice book! Some wine, if you're into that kind of thing. I personally prefer a decaf coffee with two aspirin. I like my blood extra-thin. Goodnight.


"Gossip": A Music Video Playlist by Emily Gould

Starting today on Awl Music: "Gossip," a playlist by Emily Gould, that'll be unrolled throughout the week. (You can follow along on Tumblr and Twitter too for when new videos go up, if you like.)

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about," said Oscar Wilde, who never had the opportunity to Twitter-search himself. Gossip is an enduring theme of pop music: being talked about, whispering behind someone's back, admonishing listeners not to believe the rumors, feeling apologetic about having let slip something you shouldn't have ("sweetness, I was only joking"), or feeling peeved because someone else did ("you had to [...]