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The Question

Anybody who supposes himself wise is already demonstrating the reverse. Therefore the cleverest, most beneficial advice must always come disguised as something else. Because who can ever really believe that he knows better? I didn't even recognize the best advice I ever got for what it was until many years after it was given to me, and I don't flatter myself that I get it, even yet.

In the mists of antiquity I embarked on what would prove to be a mortifyingly checkered academic career at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was a very idealistic, very deluded kid. Ambitious, too. There was no such thing [...]


The Education Of Sarah Palin

Yesterday's JFK misinterpretation notwithstanding, becoming the Bartlett's of Twitter may actually be a good move for Sarah Palin. I could see her working her way through the great thinkers of the Western canon one Tweet at a time, educating both herself and her followers as she goes. Bonus points if she can tie each lesson into wholesome Alaskan activities.