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The Year In Crying At Your Desk

Enough about how technology is changing us, for now. It’s the end of the calendar year, and we’re consumed with the attendant complicated feelings of the holiday season, as well as settling accounts before the 13 changes to 14. And in that tally of the year soon to lapse, we look back. We remember. We write year-end reviews.

One opportunity that talked-to-death technology has afforded us, in ways that our parents never experienced, is the peculiar phenomenon of surreptitiously consuming Internet content while at one’s place of employment, and then being emotionally moved to the point of perhaps betraying the fact that one is not reviewing a spreadsheet [...]


September Should Not Be This Not Good!

So, September. Somehow, we’ve made it. Seemed sort of touch-and-go there for a minute.

In lots of ways, September is one of the very best months we have. The fetid, humid wilt of August lifts into a cooler, cleaner late-summer balm. The sky is bluer and the clouds whiter and puffier than at any other time of year. Baseball games start to actually matter and corn is so sweet you don’t even have to cook it. Sure, there’s the inevitable reminder of aging and mortality that comes with tipping towards autumn, and when you were a kid, back-to-school time definitely sucked. (Except, not entirely. There was the excitement of novel [...]


George And Hilly And Ben Silverman

George Gurley, The New York Observer's resident gadabout, might have his "George and Hilly" columns–in which he whines about not wanting to marry his gorgeous, though slightly psychotic, girlfriend–turned into a TV show, if Observer executive editor Peter Stevenson's wife Sarah Dunn has her way. She's written a pilot for NBC, also called George and Hilly, that, we hear, takes place at The Observer. Now, about that casting!


Wurtzel, Crichton & Yoo: Inside The Delightful 'Harvard Crimson' Archives

A series on the stuff that delighted us on the Internet this year.

In my case, this year's Internet experience didn't suck, exactly, but it was—at least in the precincts I frequent—drearily focused on the predictive. Ninety percent of what I read, excluding pornography, maybe, was either authored by, a celebration of, or a brief against Nate Silver. And that's nice! On balance, that a smart, gay adopted son of Brooklyn is a big deal is a good thing. But oh, how I wish we purveyors and consumers of the written word would spend a bit less time quantifying the probability of future events and a bit more [...]


A Brief History of the 'New York Observer' as Reported by the 'Times'

"When The Observer hits newsstands on Wednesday, it will have a new look inside and out. There will be fewer of the cartoon illustrations that have dominated the cover in recent years; the paper will make more use of photo illustrations on the front. The cover article will begin on the front and continue on the inside. It will look and feel more like a magazine, with distinct content sections that stay in the same place each week."


Peter Kaplan on Jill Abramson

“Jill always had a swagger. It was as if she were in a romantic comedy. She had the same feeling that Rosalind conveys in 'As You Like It.’ In the last act, everything would work out. She wasn’t like the other girls at Harvard. Most of my crowd were either wonks or tough feminists who would chew your balls off. But Jill was the witty cosmopolitan who gave running commentary that was like a voice-over narration from a Billy Wilder movie." —Fairchild fashion group honcho Peter Kaplan assesses New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson in today's New Yorker.


Jared Kushner Spoils Fairly Decent Cover Story

Jared Kushner too dim to stick to talking points.

Outgoing Observer editor Peter Kaplan cited "more time with family" and "my contract's up" and "my work here is done!" with reporters when he announced yesterday that he was leaving his job after 15 years. But Observer boy publisher and Ivanka Trump dater Jared Kushner can't bear to keep himself out of the message: "We decided about a month ago that it was time for him to move on," Kushner told the Post. Oy, honestly? (Full disclosure: I dislike Jared Kushner, even though I respect that he's putting some of his money into paying for a newspaper.)