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Syndrome Discovered

"YouTube and iTunes are just two of the brand names that were largely unknown 12 years ago but have now eclipsed all the record labels in all the world. It's similar elsewhere. The delivery mechanisms are the new stars. These are either free or they feel as if they're free, they touch us all in a way that individual products don't and they're designed by people so attuned to our inner child that they can make us hug ourselves from sheer delight. It's increasingly our expectation that there will be more revolutions in the means of delivery than there will be in [...]


Foreigners Aghast at Routine American Election

"It is difficult to think of anywhere else in the western world where these debates would have any credibility outside of a fringe party (even if the fringes in Europe are now spreading). Far from indicating America's exceptionalism, it looks more like an awful parody of the stereotypes most outsiders already believed about American politics at its most bizarre. 'Those who follow this race daily may have long since lost perspective on how absurd it is,' said the German magazine Der Spiegel last week." —If you have talked to any foreigners over the last two months*, you may have noticed they are wide-eyed in horror over the people [...]