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Fun With New York Times Numbers

For all the cloudiness over the really real reasons that Jill Abramson was fired—because she was "brusque"! because she tried to secretly hire another co-managing editor to run digital! because her Times tattoo isn't large enough! not sexism!—there is at least one set of cold, hard data:

As executive editor, Abramson’s starting salary in 2011 was $475,000, compared to Keller’s salary that year, $559,000. Her salary was raised to $503,000, and—only after she protested—was raised again to $525,000. She learned that her salary as managing editor, $398,000, was less than that of the male managing editor for news operations, John Geddes. She also learned that her salary as [...]


MN Gov Candidate: Reducing the $2.13 Waiter Pay Creates Jobs!

"[Minnesota] Republican gubernatorial candidate Rep. Tom Emmer said the state could gain jobs if employers could a pay a lower hourly wage to employees who earn a lot of money from tips." -Sure. It's a plan?


"Bankers Should Make More Money Than Average People"

Because it's winter or something, I've been spending (too much of) my time these days going back to first principles. Like: why are there sidewalks? Why do we like bread so much? Why did some buildings in New York get torn down and why not others? What is the deal with cats getting domesticated? So this pullback on assumptions, by James Kwak, about how humans get paid, in a discussion about Goldman Sachs bonuses, is striking: "Investment bankers are overpaid. Now, before all the bankers get all indignant on me, let me say that bankers should make more money than average people, at least according to the normal [...]