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And How Was Your SXSW?

Opted out of swinging from the wrecking ball when I saw this waiver. A selfie isn’t worth dying for.

— Gillian Lanyon (@gillianlanyon) March 9, 2014

There's only one news report or image needed from SXSW, and this is it:

— Tom Gara (@tomgara) March 9, 2014


Aren't We All Qualified To Edit The 'Times' Magazine, Really, When You Think About It?

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

I was on the Rihanna plane and once yelled at Jon Caramanica at a house party. Please consider letting me edit the New York Times magazine.

— Julieanne Smolinski (@BoobsRadley) November 12, 2013

Julieanne! So what happened here?

I’m glad you asked. This tweet was fascinating, and I’m glad it didn’t go unheralded as “not interesting to anyone, at all.” Let me break it down for you, in three equally entertaining parts.

I was on the Rihanna plane Rihanna is a Caribbean musician who likes to wear shirts [...]


Should You Move To Paris

I’d been in Paris less than twelve hours, arriving for a job interview, when I was invited to my first French dinner party. The job I wanted was at a Parisian advertising agency. My would-be boss, Pierre, said after the meeting that he had an older sister, Paulette, who’d invited me for dinner. Very charitable of her, I thought, but did she know I barely spoke French? I spent the afternoon drinking, worrying in a café on the Champs-Elysées—springtime in Paris, many happy lovers walking by, and I wished on them all gonorrhea. That night, Pierre and I took a cab to the 2nd arrondissement, and rode upstairs in a [...]


Lack Of GOP Primary Rubber Masks Ruins Bad Group Costume Idea

We had a great idea for a "group costume" you could do with some friends from work or the therapy group or whatever, but a quick yet exhaustive search on eBay shows there are no Halloween masks for Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Herman Cain or the rest of them (the "other Mormon," Buddy somebody?). Other than the actual candidate, Mitt Romney, the only GOP Primary figure available in weird rubber mask format is Newt Gingrich. And his mask dates back to when he was Speaker of the House, in the 1990s, and people otherwise uninterested in politics were briefly fascinated by the [...]


See You Tonight For Our Holiday Party?

It's tonight. The Holiday Awl Bawl. At Flaming Saddles. Which is 793 9th Avenue, 6 to 9 p.m. NEW YORK CITY. There will be nametags with tiny Awls on them. You will definitely meet great people with whom to have sexual intercourse. Be there or be dead inside. Oh and: This extremely gay bar is cash-only. As one does.


Save the Date: The Holiday Awl Bawl, December 2nd

You are cordially invited to a holiday party.

Date: December 2, 2011. Time: 6-9 p.m. Location: Flaming Saddles, 793 9th Avenue, New York City. (AKA our favorite bar.) Dress: Any way you like. Questions? Just ask Jolie right here in the comments.


Ladies of The Hairpin Congregate Tonight in L.A.

Los Angeles-based readers of The Hairpin are meeting up tonight at 7p.m., at Mohawk Bend. After a few beers they're going robbing. (In case of disaster or change in venue, your host will update you.) That neighborhood may or may not be "Echo Park."


Dogecoin Is Real—And They Party With Dogs

At first glance, Friday night's meetup at the Bitcoin Center's downtown offices could have passed for any other start-up party. The crowd skewed young, many in hoodies and looking barely grown out of their Chuck Taylors, but mixed in were members of the blazer-and-blue-jeans set and even a select few people above the age of 35. Most, clustered in groups beneath the Center's green-lit high ceilings, stayed largely indifferent to the DJ spinning dance tracks.

But there were some things that were odd. First, there was no booze, due to the small but vocal contingent of grade school kids in attendance. Second, there were the dogs. Also, the people dressed [...]


When Will New York's Hugging Epidemic End?

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

Executed maybe 20 hugs last night. Bit of over-under weirdness. Couple of is-this-a-handshake-oh-it's-a-hug things. Minimal suffocation. B+

— Amanda Hess (@amandahess) October 23, 2013

Amanda! So what happened here? I recently wrote a story at Slate arguing that people should stop hugging each other all the goddamn time. A hug with a loved one is nice. But when we outstretch our gangly arms to just about everyone, it becomes an awkward, impersonal display, and even—in the case of power-huggers like Lady Gaga—a personal branding exercise. Some huggers saw [...]


The Calendar of Fancy New York Media Holiday Parties!

"Is the recession really and truly over," is what we began to ponder, Carrie Bradshaw-style, as the invitations to holiday parties began to overflow our inboxes. "Kind of," is the answer! Because we were pondering that at the same time as the New York Times was planning to lay people off and Rupert Murdoch was shuttering The Daily. So kind of not.

We also learned that there is no party-planning communication between different media outlets. December 12th? You are a holiday NIGHTMARE. Let's look!


Watching Over Lucky Clover

Supplemental reading: Three Girls at a Duran Duran Sleepover in 1984; Canada gallery; the George Zimmerman info dump. (iTunes)


The Boston Bawl: December 13

We know you are all anxiously anticipating Friday's Holiday Awl Ball at Flaming Saddles, and why wouldn't you be? It's the social event of the season! But what about those of you who are not in the New York area? Perhaps you are somewhere more northlike. New England, for example! Well, get your calendar out and mark that sucker up for Tuesday, December 13th. Come 7PM, the place to be is Stoddard's, for the Boston Bawl. Have questions? Your host, boyofdestiny, is here with answers.


Special Tickets For You to This Awesome Planned Parenthood Benefit!

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A Miracle Fruit Party and Its Attendant Trend Story

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes" and, since 2007, "trend pieces about miracle fruit parties." Oh yes: "The miracle fruit party" is the trend piece that just won't die, despite that there have likely been more feature stories about miracle fruit parties than there have been actual miracle fruit parties.

The Wall Street Journal went big in 2007 with an A1 story that explained that the berries are "a slightly tart West African berry with a strange property: For about an hour after you eat it, everything sour tastes sweet." Then NPR couldn't wait to tell all of their listeners about it. The New York [...]


A Week So Bad That An Actual Superhero Had To Come Save Us From It And Ourselves

Do you remember what happened this week?


I’m not necessarily in the Beysus congregation but I sure as debt don’t knock it, either. When our beloved 'net is doubled over in self-fondling and editorial side stares during the slime-time of year called My Ranking Of Niche Garbage Ranks Higher Than Yrs, it’s gorgeous to see a Member of Modern Camelot release quality you can count on that spreads happiness and excitement throughout my visible spectrum. Tear up all your lists! Joy to the world, the Bey is come.

Golden Globe Nominations

Knives out! Award season is upon us, let the parade of faces begin! Good faces, [...]


Maybe Partying Will Help

The next mayor won't be as much of a departure from the current one as everyone is pretending he will be, but will he go to [...]


The Woolworth Building Has a Nice Lobby and the Terrorists Are Still Winning

Last night I was at a party at The Wooly, which is a bar on the ground floor of the Woolworth Building. It was a fun party, though I basically just talked to the two people that I knew there. The bartenders made delicious drinks that went particularly well with the decor of the place. There was a painting hanging above the bar of a lady in olde-time garb sipping a cocktail in front of a peacock that I could not stop staring at.

The most memorable part of the night, though, happened before I got to the party, when I arrived at the Woolworth Building not knowing [...]


DJing a New Year's Party for One of the Richest Men in America

On the train up to the Lower East Side to DJ a New Year's Eve party thrown by one of the richest men in America, K and I talk about heliskiing and make up names for gourmet-sounding fast food dishes like a 12-Piece Value Oysters or a (Wendy's) Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 1/3rd lb. Diamond Encrusted Salmon. On the platform at Jay Street, I panic about my playlists because I'm not sure if I have enough New Year's Eve-type music for a crowd invited by one of the richest men in America, so I make a supplementary On-The-Go playlist on my iPod while K types an email draft on her [...]


Tomorrow Night's Zine Party

Zines zines zines. People like them so much better than blogs now. They're like artisanal local blogs. They're the organic watercress of the larger cabbage family that is self-publishing. THIS particular zine is getting a launch party tomorrow night (that's Wednesday, November 16th) at the totally adorable Other Music, from 7 to 9 p.m. Um, Tao Lin will be DJing, so… enter at your own risk. (But then so will the awesome Victor Vazquez!) The people-adverse (technically, yes, -averse, but I like the idea of being people-unfavorable!) among us can just stay home and order the zine here; more info here.) N.B. There is no [...]


Tavi Gevinson's Party at the Ace Hotel

Some of my friends were going to the Tavi Gevinson fashion party, so I took the 6 uptown after work and walked over to the Ace Hotel. I was expecting a crazy line because earlier today Joe texted his little sister and asked if she wanted to go to the Tavi Gevinson fashion party and she said, "I'm already going!!!" and if word of this party had already spread to the 18-year-old little sisters, it signaled that this was probably going to be one of those parties where you stand on line outside with a thousand people for a while and then never get in, like a Vice [...]