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The Park Slope Food Coop Board Of Directors Race Is On And It Is Hot!

There are two positions open on the board of the lovely Park Slope Food Coop, that magical place in Brooklyn where neighbor turns against neighbor regarding issues such as boycotting Israeli food and, oh, anything else. But! There are four candidates for the board! Which one will not make the cut!? Here are some excerpts from their statements, which were, the Coop's Linewaiter's Gazette notes, printed "unedited." [PDF here.] Let's meet them!

• "My personal life reflects my dedication to the values of the Coop. As an avid bicyclist, commuting 30 miles a day year round, to and from my office in Queens, and as someone who [...]


Barneys Co-Op Totally Hosed by Hippies

It is so spectacularly wonderful, and so legally beautiful, that the Park Slope Food Coop might actually be right when they say they have grounds to make the case against fancy-pants fashion purveyor spinoff Barneys Co-op's usage of the phrase "coop" and/or "co-op." Because? "The term 'cooperative,' 'cooperation' or any abbreviation, variation or similitude thereof, shall not be used as or in a name except by a corporation defined in this chapter." This is hilarious! These two things could not be more unalike, except that both are extreme reactions to capitalism. I would totally work a shift at Barneys though for some pants. (via)


The Epic Live-Tweeting Of Last Night's Park Slope Coop Meeting

Last night Park Slope Food Coop held its monthly members meeting. At 7:26 p.m., senior Reuters Opinion editor Chadwick Matlin began live-tweeting the proceedings; two hours and 14 minutes later, "meeting is adjourned." It's difficult to pick a favorite here but "In europe I have been using the biodegradable, and they degrade so fast by the time you're at checkout you don't know where the bag is," "'but my collards won't fit!' — one of the actresses in the silent film PSA," and ""My name is Robert Dow. No relation to Dow Chemical." have to be contenders.

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Should You Join the Park Slope Food Co-Op?

Should you join the Park Slope Food Co-Op? Verdict: "It's worth it despite the crowds, the assholes, and the soviet-style politics."