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A Treasury of Defacings of Pamela Geller's Racist Subway Ads

Looks like there's not a single one of birther loon Pamela Geller's racist billboards up in New York City that hasn't been defaced; many people promised to ensure that they wouldn't survive, and they weren't kidding around. Enjoy this heartwarming collection of photographs of many, many properly altered ads. Never seen so many people come out of the Internet woodwork to decry the horrors of defacing hate speech. Oh no, is it vandalism? The greatest crime that ever existed? Meanwhile, Mona Eltahawy is waiting for a judge this morning after being arrested for spraypainting over the ads.


Dear Pamela Geller, If Someone Rips Down Or Otherwise Defaces The Disgusting Racist Advertisements You Have Won The Legal Right To Display In New York Subway Stations, I Will Not Know Anything About How That Might Have Happened

We've never met. My name's Dave. I don't know much about you personally, but from what I have read about you, and from watching you talk on TV about the proposal two years ago to build a mosque five blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood, your public persona is one that makes me ashamed to be American and Jewish and a human being alive in the 21st century who has the letters "a" and "r" in his name. Because those two letters are also in your name.

You and the organization you lead, the American Freedom Defense Organization, recently won a law suit forcing [...]


Anders Breivik, The American Tea Party, Norway and "Sharia Creep"

The attacks were "a despicable act directed at everyone in Norway," said Siv Jensen, the leader of the Norwegian Progress Party. While her assessment of the 76 dead and nearly 100 injured may be philosophically true, it's technically false. The bombing and mass shooting late last week was in fact directed at a very specific group of Norwegians. These "summer camp" teens weren't shot for taking canoe lessons; they were shot for being political activists, or children of such. (This was something made very clear by Tea Party leader Glenn Beck, when he functionally ended his corporate career days later by comparing the dead to Hitler Youth).

After years [...]