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South By Southwest Interactive: So Many Memories

"I went to do a panel. It must have been entertainment related. I was very involved in early music on the web. I was part of the team at Apple that helped do the earliest webcasting. The guy who picked me up at the airport was incredibly drunk. I was like, 'I need to get out of this car.' We went right to the opening event. I looked for the safest-looking person in the room, walked up to him and said, 'I need you to give me a lift back. I can't get in the car with this person.' That guy and I are still good friends to this day. [...]


Whatever Happened to MTV's "Buzzkill"?

Not long ago, MTV made an unusual appeal: It asked for help finding information about one of its own shows. The show was "Buzzkill," a hidden-camera program that ran in 1996. The plea came from MTV's Guy Code blog:

If you try to find old clips online, they're nonexistent. Seems impossible, right? The web is where you can find the most obscure remnants of every era, the most disturbing videos the human mind can conjure. And yet it has seemingly been scrubbed clean of all "Buzzkill" details…. Internet, we need your help. We must uncover the truth of "Buzzkill." Send us your tips and clues. Better yet, if you [...]

Oral History: The Oral History

Probably inevitable: An oral history of oral histories. Related: the oral history of Rocktober.


An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

When the history of the web is written, the final word will obviously belong to Reddit. What else will be left?

And: what will we remember of a network of blogs called "Gawker Media"? Here is the collected wisdom on the topic of Gawker from Reddit over the years, in the words of Redditors themselves.


Do you guys even remember how Gawker got started? The original website was called gawker stalker and it was supposed to be a TMZ type of site that would provide the location and info of celebrities in NYC. The foundation of the brand was started by a celebrity stalker.


The History Of 'Cheers'

"DANSON: I'll tell you about the worst day of my life. Shelley and Rhea were carrying that week's episode, and the guys were just, 'Let's play hooky.' We'd never done anything wrong before. John had a boat, so we met at Marina del Rey at 8 a.m. We all called in sick, and Jimmy caught on and was so pissed. Woody and I were already stoned, and Woody said, 'You want to try some mushrooms?' I'd never had them, so I'm handed this bag and I took a fistful. On our way to Catalina, we hit the tail end of a hurricane, and even people who were sober were [...]


Rocktober: An Oral History

In 1985, nearly three thousand signatures were collected for a petition to Congress to formally designate October as "Rocktober" on all classic rock-format radio stations in the United States and Guam. On November 6, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, into law. In addition to requiring employers to attest to their employees’ immigration status and making it illegal to knowingly hire illegal immigrants, the bill included in section 45, ii 99-603, paragraph 19, an unrelated rider requiring all classic rock-format radio stations to observe Rocktober by using the official Rocktober voiceover when leading into a music segment, or "block," [...]


History Oral

I know we've all got oral history fatigue, but you should carve out some time for this massive oral history of Hoop Dreams. Like a week. We can meet back here a week from now when we're all done reading it and discuss. (Hoop Dreams is currently streaming on Netflix, btw.)


The Dumbest Funnest Things to Do–And Who Did Them First

IMHOOF: I came to Queenstown on a snowboarding trip. I’d been living in Hawaii, surfing. HAY: This guy from Hawaii came by and started chatting with us. He said, “I’d like to go down the river on my body board.” We said, “We do that all the time.” IMHOOF: The rafting guides suggested the Kawarau River. I found that body boards work well. I called it river surfing, since we could surf waves. HAY: It’s called riverboarding. I did it well before he did. IMHOOF: The whole “who was first” argument? Some guy in Africa 100,000 years ago was probably struggling for his life in a flood and he [...]


Ten People Who Observe Birthdays on 9/11

Jotham Sederstrom, 34, freelance reporter: On September 10th, my friends took me out for birthday drinks in Chicago. I was out until three or four, I think, at a place called "The Hideout." Among other places. I didn’t wake up until about noon, at which point everything had changed.

George Spyros, 44, executive producer: I got married the weekend before. We had a bunch of friends and family from out of town, and went out Monday night for dinner. My wife and I were supposed to fly out on September 11th for our honeymoon. On top of that, it’s my birthday.

Michael Wright, 44, editorial director: September 11th has always [...]