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Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Is Secretly Catfishing!

Dear Polly,

I am looking for a different perspective on my current relationship. I have been with my boyfriend for six years. I just recently moved in with him about four months ago. We have a pretty good relationship in that we hardly ever argue and still have sex fairly frequently, he makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, and I enjoy being with him.

A few months before I moved in with him I had discovered something disturbing and highly confusing! I found that he had a fake Facebook account. He had pictures of a young man and was claiming he was 8 years younger then he actually is. [...]


Marion Barry, Classy Breaker-Upper

A wise voicemail message from DC councilman and former mayor Marion Barry: "Donna, you don't have to answer your home phone but let me just say that I'm addicted to you. Don't call me back. I will not take a call from you. I'm not gonna call you so this is it. Don't call me back. I was trying to be amicable about it if we could. It's not right for us to have gone through all this whatever…I do apologize to you it and I'm not asking you to apologize to me. I'm just gonna end it. I like to end it amicably like I done most [...]


Weatherman: Thanksgiving Eve Superstorm Will Bring The Utter Destruction Of All American Travel Plans And Dreams

Overnight GFS model says 'just kidding', lashes NYC with T'gvng-eve nor'easter. My thoughts:

— Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) November 22, 2013

Expect heavy rain from Dallas->Atlanta->DC->NYC->Boston the day before Thanksgiving #badtiming

— Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) November 22, 2013

America's weather-predicting boyfriend and repentant airplane user Eric Holthaus came out with a doozy this morning that'll rock your holidays: a foot of snow maybe, the day before Thanksgiving, give or take, hurricane force winds on the Eastern seaboard, general mayhem, rain across half the country, people eating each other alive in airports, turkeys brined in grandmothers' tears.


Freedom Fighters! Obama, Reagan, Libya, El Salvador

Late in February, we asked: does the CIA have any idea what's going on in the "Middle East" and "North Africa"? (Or are they, you know, behind everything?) Well! "Small groups of C.I.A. operatives have been working in Libya for several weeks as part of a shadow force of Westerners that the Obama administration hopes can help bleed Colonel Qaddafi’s military." Oh and they are authorized to arm… Libya's… rebels… which, well. Gosh. But it all worked out sort of okay, despite U.S. intervention, in El Salvador… thirty years later. And I'm sure the CIA ops in Pakistan are going to work out just great! (I'm [...]