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How To Work From Home With A Baby

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Sad Desk Salad author Jessica Grose tells us about the travails of freelancing.

The heart break of a home office.

— Jessica Grose (@JessGrose) November 22, 2013

Jessica! I’ve been meaning to ask you about this one for a while. So what happened here?

This was the first time my daughter, who at that point was about 11 months old, realized that when I closed the door to my room I still existed. Or at least that was the first time [...]


The DIY Office Exorcism


How to Watch TV at Work

TV is wonderful and full of so many delights these days! The second golden age of TV stretches on—we are spoiled with television's wider scope and room to breathe, which allows characters to feel much more real than any movie could allow.

Which means there's more good stuff on TV than any normal non-shut-in could possibly view at night, when all that TV is on. But it's crazily easy to watch said good TV when and where you want—and when and where would be a better time and place than at work, provided you can get away with it?


The Awl Office Seating Chart

This morning people were all like, "Oh okay, publishing Gawker's office seating chart is one thing, but to be fair, shouldn't you post your own? Okay, fine!


Should You Be Allowed To Work From Home? (Answer: No)

Silicon Valley people and home-office employees everywhere are very worked up about the new Yahoo policy, which says people can no longer screw around at home instead of going to their perfectly good corporate headquarters. What about the ladies, who have the babies the world so desperately doesn't need? Well, they will have to do what non-Silicon Valley $100K salaried ladies do, which is "try to find a spot in a day care where the TV isn't on all the time."

There are legitimate reasons for working at home, of course. You may be in an Iron Lung or full body cast, which would frighten the editorial assistants. You [...]


Office Colds And The Heroes Who Perpetuate Them


Etsy Has the Etsiest Offices Ever

This photo tour of the offices of Etsy is a dream-nightmare! It's wonderful! It's slightly heinous! I'm incredibly jealous! I want to go craft now.


When Your Friend Is Also Your Boss: A Cautionary Tale

This series is brought to you by TurboTax Federal Free Edition.

Mike Dang: Logan, do you remember when I was your boss? Good times, huh?

Logan Sachon: Well, Mike, I do remember it, but apparently not the way you do, because I thought it was a terrible time.

Mike: Yes, well, becoming your boss was sort of an accident. We both started out as contributors to the website where we worked, and you sent me this really cute email saying you liked my writing, and I replied that I really liked your style too, and then we IM'd everyday forever. Yay! Best friends! And then I got [...]


A Field Guide To Your Office Nemesis


The "Office" of the "Future"

Fast Company took a look recently at some offices of the 'future,' which, ha, who's going to work in offices in the future? Among others, they look at Macquarie, which is where Prison Island trading floor drones watch porn while their coworkers are doing live TV spots. One bit that is of interest is making plans that deal with the fact that, in offices, people don't actually work so much! (Hence: the existence of blogs!) The average complete workforce turnout is 50% of headcount. So they are underbuilding office plans now: "At Macquarie, 50% attendance translates to 85% occupancy in the new office." So, some day in [...]