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Ed McMahon Dies

Let's pour one out for comical alcoholic Ed McMahon, who has passed away at the age of 86. Or, as People puts it:

He was TV's most famous second banana, sitting alongside Johnny Carson during what was arguably the golden age of NBC's Tonight Show, from 1962 to 1992, welcoming a nightly national audience with his opening cry of "Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny."

But now that voice is stilled.

Indeed. Actually, let's pour a couple out. It's Ed, after all.


Dom DeLuise Now Being Confused For James Coco In Heaven

TMZ is exclusively reporting that actor Dom DeLuise has passed away. The site lists his popular credits as Spaceballs and The Cannonball Run, which is just a terrible way for anyone to be remembered. I prefer to recall his hysterical work in Mel Brooks' The Twelve Chairs, his memorable stint as a Ziploc bag pitchman, and his brief role in Blazing Saddles, above.


Obituary for Portfolio

Further thoughts on the demise of Portfolio: It was almost exactly two years ago that the first issue hit newsstands; I wrote about 3,000 words mostly reviewing the ads. At the time I suggested that, given the resources behind it, the magazine would probably last at least two years. I claim no prescience in this regard; pretty much everyone knew that Conde Nast was going to pump enough money into it to make sure it wasn't a colossal failure. And also, there were the pillows!


Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Dead At 58

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, author of the infamous queer theory tome "The Epistemology of the Closet," has died.


Danny La Rue, Dead At 81

"'Wotcha, mates!' he growled in a very unladylike voice as he took to the stage." Danny La Rue, 1927-2009.


Gays: "Bea Arthur Should Have Been On Every Page Of People Magazine"

I love it when gays go crazy. And now they have, over not enough attention to the passing of Bea Arthur.


I sometimes used to wish Bea Arthur was my grandmother. True story.

The Awl extends its condolences to the family and friends of actress Bea Arthur, who passed away this weekend at the age of 86. We also offer our sympathies to comedian Jeffrey Ross, who will now have to find another husky-voiced woman with whose dick he would not fuck people.


Famous Homosexual Is Dead

James Kirkup is dead. Who? Well! "In June 1976 he had a 66-line poem, The Love that Dares to Speak Its Name, published in Gay News. It described the homosexual fantasies of a Roman centurion as he contemplates the body of Christ on the Cross, and implicitly attributed homosexual acts to Jesus. This led to a private prosecution of the newspaper by the decency defender Mary Whitehouse for blasphemous libel." What can we say, but: good job, fuck yeah, girlfriend! Also?


John Weller, 1931-2009

Nice obituary of John Weller, who managed his son Paul's career throughout his time with The Jam, The Style Council, and as a solo artist: "On one famous occasion, after the head of Polydor, David Munns, had made a disparaging remark about the Style Council's latest record, Weller Sr was said to have lifted the hapless executive out of his chair and told him: 'You don't speak about my son like that.'"


J.G. Ballard, 1930-2009

J.G. Ballard, whose dark novels and two excellent memoirs made for one of the most unusual bodies of work to reach a mainstream audience in contemporary literature, died on Sunday at the age of 78. Ballard is most famous for Empire of the Sun, which recounts his internment by the Japanese during World War II. The book was turned into a very good movie starring Christian Bale, but if you've only seen it and not read it you're missing out.