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"The Reasons for the Switch Were Not Immediately Clear"

Jill Abramson, the first female, and most tattooed, executive editor in New York Times history, is "unexpectedly leaving the position" after taking over in 2011. She is being replaced by a Dean Baquet, a guy who punched a wall.

Jill Abramson, abruptly stepping down as NYT editor in favor of managing editor Dean Baquet? Gotta be a back story there

— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) May 14, 2014

Update: An alternate viable headline, courtesy of the reporting of Ken Auletta at The New Yorker Dot Com, could be "'Pushy' Woman Pushed Out":

Several weeks ago, I’m told, Abramson discovered that her pay and her pension benefits as [...]


That Giant Albino Snake All Children Love Is a She, Not a He

"An article on Feb. 17 about a decline in field trips for students because of the New York City school bus drivers’ strike referred incorrectly to the 280-pound albino Burmese python at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The python, a favorite of schoolchildren, is a 'she' (Fantasia), not a 'he.'" —The NYT is taking this accountability thing very seriously, when it comes to enormous albino zoo animals that are a favorite of children.

Photo by edenpictures.


Other New York Times Opinion Writers Who Must Be Punished, Like Nate Silver, For Discussing Gambling

  • "I’d bet anything that if the president staked out such an Obama Plan, Buffett and a lot of other business leaders would endorse it."—Thomas Friedman
  • "To his immense credit he took a big gamble on killing Osama Bin Laden."—Roger Cohen
  • "I’ll bet he’s not a Charlie Stross reader; if he were, he’d know about the scene in The Jennifer Morgue involving a PowerPoint presentation that turns anyone who watches it into a murderous zombie."—Paul Krugman
  • "The bet Punch Sulzberger made his whole career is that people wanted — and would pay for — great journalism."—Joe Nocera
  • "If I had to bet which candidate was [...]