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The 'Times' Old Guard Makes a Break for Freedom!

Today's the day that the New York Times must deliver unto the cost-cutters 30 heads—from the editorial side alone. Not just any 30 heads: preferably, big-league, non-union managers.

And they've nabbed a few volunteers. In particular, a big four: Jim Roberts, assistant managing editor and 26-year veteran; Joe Sexton, at the paper since 1987, Jon Landman, also at the paper since 1987, and John Geddes, at the paper since 1994. The departure of four influentialTimes editors clears out major institutional knowledge, and as well, in some cases, probably some much-needed emotional space. But really, this is a huge senior bench of the paper. Geddes is co-managing editor for [...]


Harvard Grads Help Others! Needlessly!

New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner is now on Twitter. Barely. So is his brother Joshua, whose only usage so far has been to note that he has launched "Think this could be a game changer," he says of his new website. It offers no-interest loans of up to $2000 from alumni to current U.S. and Canadian citizen Harvard students-a school which both brothers attended and to which Joshua will return for his MBA after a summer at Goldman Sachs. Harvard, of course, is a need-blind admissions school-around 2/3rds of students receive financial aid. The class of 2008-Joshua's class!-graduated with a median debt of just [...]