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Mary HK Choi and Natasha Vargas-Cooper on 'New Moon': 'Teenage Female Desire Manifest'

Mary: Yo. Did you see that mess last night? Natasha: OMG I saw the shit out of it! Mary: AND… Mary: Break it down. Natasha: Ok, first reaction: Natasha: SWOOOOOON Mary: Oh, seriously. Like, we MISSED him. Natasha: And here's what I figured out. That shit is ABOUT RACE! Earthy hill people with their bare feet versus pale Europeans in robes. IT'S A CULTURE CLASH. Mary: Dude, velvet robes that OPEN. It's an age-old culture clash. BUT the "cold ones" do have that one dude with dreads. Natasha: Blacula!


A Million Tween Girls Exploded At 'New Moon' Comic-Con Panel

I stopped watching three minutes into this video documenting the stars and director of New Moon, the forthcoming sequel to Twilight, but, oh my God, the fainting, the screaming, the camera-flashing!