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Meet Your New Paranormal Romance Date, The Werebear

You kill the bear, eat the bear meat, and then put on the bearskin. The power of the bear shirt—or ber serkr in Old Norse—gives you the strength and fury of the great animal. This is what berserk means, "bear shirt." Do you actually turn into a bear-human hybrid? Maybe. Nobody liked to go to war against the berserkers, that much is known from the stories of the Roman Empire's long border conflict with the barbarians, which means not "bear brains" but "foreigners."

The human-bear combination exists in North American and Siberian tribal religions, too. These stories go back to the Bear Sons, born to an animal-god father and [...]


"Play 'Billie Jean' Or Else"

Now people are suggesting that not only was the "King of Pop" a made-up title that Michael Jackson awarded to himself-oh right, he did-but they are also suggesting that he wasn't exactly a color-barrier breaking pioneer on the airwaves: "According to the myth, executives at Epic, Jackson's label, gave MTV an ultimatum: Play 'Billie Jean' or else. But that was a publicity stunt. In Hit Men, his 1990 history of the music biz, Fredric Dannen recounts: Around this time Jacko added a new lawyer, John Branca, to his all-white management team. Not long after, Branca was also representing MTV. As racial showdowns go, this one sounds a lot like [...]