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I Want To Buy Picasso's "La Lecture"

If I had $29 million, I would fly to London and go to next week's Sotheby's auction and buy Picasso's "La Lecture," the 1932 painting that first depicted the face of his young muse Marie-Therese Walter, and take it home and hang it on the wall and just stare at it and stare at it until it struck me that I could make something so beautiful, too, and I would. And if I was in London already, I would go to the place and just snap a quick pic with my cellphone and do it that way.


How To Make Beef Stock

It's come to my attention that you've not been taught to make beef stock. I suppose if someone hadn't been so busy finding innovative ways to tag blog posts with "doody" and googling images of women in sports bras, you'd not have this egregious hole in your education, but alas. No website can be perfect-although, now it is.


Jay Electronica, "@FatBellyBella"

I don't know if it'll go down with Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" or Common's "The Light," but you can count this new song by New-Orleans-born rapper Jay Electronica as another good one inspired by the woman who must stand, at this point, as hip-hop's all-time greatest muse, Erykah Badu. (Who else would it be? Janet? Sade? Roxanne? Jane?) You'll remember that Jay-the excellent and fast-rising rapper who Jon Caramanica wrote so nicely about last week in the Times-posted live reports on his Twitter page as Erykah gave birth to their daughter, Mars Merkaba, a year-and-a-half ago. He is an open [...]