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Seven Amazing Videos From the Last Lunar Mission, 40 Years Ago

It was 40 years ago when humans last made the effort to visit another heavenly sphere, on the Apollo 17 mission that launched on this day in 1972. But astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison "Jack" Schmitt didn't just walk on the lunar surface—they also drove around in a dune buggy, and also skipped around while singing songs. Nixon was so angry about this expression of joy that humans were banned from every visiting the moon again.


More Evidence of NASA "Moon Landing" Hoax

Apparently the "moon rock" the U.S. gave to Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees to commemorate NASA's "moon mission" in 1969 has been revealed to be nothing more than petrified wood. The wood has been on display at the Dutch National Museum in Amsterdamn since Drees' death in 1988. The Dutch were also saddened to discover that the magic glowing crystals on display at the museum were pieces of gravel colored in yellow highlighter.