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Modern Love: A (Likely!) Statistical Breakdown Of The Weekly 'New York Times' Column

(2010 to present. All numbers are in percentages; due to overlapping figures may total more than 100.)

    • Gender: Female (98.3) Male (1.7)
    • Age: Late thirties(ish) – early forties(ish) (97)
    • Modern* (28)
    • Love (98)

"Modern Love" and "The End of Suffering"

Here is something I have never thought before, I think: "What an excellent Modern Love column!" It's about love, and about being modern! It lives up to its name, for once, and you should read it. Also it is by someone who is responsible, and not a victim, and has some boundaries, and the piece is not a cheap revenge shot against some stupid ex-boyfriend, as so many Modern Love columns are. Even though the author is in some kind of near-cult thing, that is sort of fine! (Even though that thingy she is a fan of is a product of the author of Miracles of Mind: [...]


Can must-see TV save the Times?

How we all laughed and laughed last year when BermanBraun optioned the rights to the Times' "Modern Love" column. Now it looks like HBO's giving it a shot as a contemporary "Love, American Style" written by a veteran of "Sex and the City." (And, when you think about it, wasn't "Sex and the City" its own contemporary version of "Love, American Style?" Discuss.) So how are they going to pull it off?