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How To Teach Creative Writing To Undergrads While Being A Feminist Harpy

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer, editor and MFA student Jia Tolentino tells us more about what it’s like to be a college writing instructor.

How will I live without typing words like "pls use spell check" & "pls don't use 'cock' in that context" & "is the narrator a ghost or what"

— Jia Tolentino (@jiatolentino) February 25, 2014

Jia! So what happened here?

I teach introductory creative writing at the University of Michigan, and I’d just finished this agonizingly detailed response letter to the 20th student story [...]


Do You Want a Nice Literary Prize? We Propose Grad School

The National Book Foundations "5 Under 35" awards this year went to the following diverse (and very attractive! And actually also very talented! Love that Jennifer DuBois! Would read the rest of them!) crew of writers:

• one with an MFA from Iowa; • another with an MFA from Iowa; • one with an MFA from the New School; • oh also here's one with an MFA from Iowa; • one with an MFA from Ohio State University.

The prize carries a $1000 award, which I'm sure the writers feel nicely offsets the out-of-state, pre-teaching cost of $41,512 per year of the Iowa Writer's Workshop. Help a young person, [...]