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How Much More Does Taking The Subway Cost Today?

It runs 24 hours a day—a rarity, anywhere in the world—and it moves 1.6 billion riders a year across the five boroughs of New York City. And on Friday (update: the new fare will be going into effect Sunday, March 3), it will become more expensive. After a fare hike five years ago, the base fare of taking the subway (that is with no discounts) will rise a quarter to $2.50 a pop. And although some of the service cuts enacted in 2010 have since been restored, this hike is not attached to any improvements in service—alas. As with other mandated fare hikes, this one was met with [...]


Internet Once Again Obviates Need For Arithmetic

If you're anything like me-hell, if you've got anything less than a Ph.D. in combinatorics-you probably have a hard time figuring out how in God's name to put a sum on your MetroCard that doesn't result in your ending up with a wallet full of cards that have 65 cents each on them. Wonder no more! Via the estimable Katie Bakes, please enjoy the MetroCard bonus calculator. And if you see something, say something.

Related: This New Yorker cartoon, which will only be funny to those of you who remember that MetroCards used to be blue.