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Ask Polly: How to Be Nice

Hi Polly,

One of the goals I have set for myself this year is to be a kinder person: more supportive and forgiving of my friends, more friendly and open to people I've just met, more approachable and compassionate with strangers. The problem is that this is a huge struggle because I am not naturally compassionate with people I don't already like.

I have two reasons for wanting to be kinder: to ~make the world a better place~ in an abstract karmic kind of way, and also (this one is selfish) to fight against my depression, defensiveness, and general negative attitude toward life by opening myself up to more experiences. [...]


Lindsay Lohan's Musical Career: What Went Wrong?

Lindsay Lohan’s debut album, "Speak," will be ten years old this year. What a world! But with the debut of her OWN docu-series, "Lindsay," what better time is there to consider Lohan’s long-abandoned music career?


Kelsey McKinney: This track, from Freaky Friday, is Lindsay’s first big blockbuster hit, but all I remember about it is that Jamie Lee Curtis takes her door off and then my father threatened to do that to me for YEARS.

Aleksander Chan: I remember this movie teaching me that the House of Blues is a thing and that if you get really pissed at your mother and you both wish [...]


New York City: Still Full of Heathers

You're a spiffy kiddo in the big city! You've gotten a job (okay, an internship) at Conde Nast! This is awesome. And of course you work there because you're fashion-forward, and smarter than those jerks back in high school in [funny-sounding name of semi-rural American city goes here]. But now here you are, in the glamorous cafeteria, grabbing some quick edamame or something. And, guess what? The bigger girls are taking stealth pictures of you and making fun of your outfit on Facebook. I'm sorry, it's true! You need to know this.