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Do people still have media diets? If you do, here is a new thing on the Internet that you should add to your media diet. It is about the outdoors and the environment, but not in the preachy, annoying way which characterizes so much of that discussion and causes even the most ardent conservationist to dream of a world that has been entirely plowed under, paved over and fracked like there is no tomorrow. You won't find that here! Plus, they've got a very amateur logo, which means they are sincere in the best kind of way.


The Ten Worst Augusts of the Last Ten Years

Anyone who lands his or her first desk job very quickly learns the three most important lessons about desk jobs: 1) the best thing about desk jobs is the Internet; 2) the harder one works at his desk job the faster he'll climb the corporate ladder (therefore the sooner he'll land a desk where nobody can see his screen); and 3) alt-tab is your friend!

But nowhere in the employee training manual does it say a word about how insufferable the Internet becomes in August—and it really should! Because year after year, the entire workforce endures a month-long occupational hazard as it dutifully tries to go about its day-to-day [...]


Some Recent Defining Presidential Campaign Moments, In Order

16. George H.W. Bush's gallon of milk

15. Michael Dukakis' ride in an M1 Abrams tank

14. Ross Perot's claim that Republicans were going to ruin his daughter's wedding

13. George W. Bush's name-that-Pakistani-prime-minister

12. Joe Biden's plagiarism

11. Mondale's promise to raise taxes


These Cars Turn Right! Become a Formula One Fan This Weekend

This weekend in Monaco, the world's most elite drivers racing the world's most technologically advanced cars will take on a harrowing and unforgiving circuit that winds its way through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo, punishing drivers with limited sight lines, frequent and drastic changes in direction, momentum, and elevation, and a claustrophobic track surrounded on all sides by massive steel guardrails that offer zero runoff room and zero room for error to those who stray from the racing line; it takes just one wrong twitch of a steering wheel to send a driver on a quick shunt into the wall and a long walk back to the paddock.


How Much Can You Demand?

There was a full house on hand last night at New York's Housing Works Cafe and Bookstore for an Occupy Wall St. panel organized by n+1, Brooklyn's hometown literary journal. The panel was larger than advertised, totaling seven in addition to moderator and n+1 progenitor Keith Gessen. A healthy mix of contributors were on board: there was the earnest, washed-up political wonk who'd been sleeping in Zucotti Park for a month now, the filmmaker who'd been downtown since the very first meeting, the SEIU representative and the education policy activist; there were youngs and olds, students and professionals, seasoned organizers and first time protesters.

The discussion all got started [...]