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Marina Abramović's Incidental Podcast

We are now on day eight of Marina Abramović's 512 Hours, an art project which will last just over two months: Creating the simplest of environments in the Gallery spaces, Abramović’s only materials will be herself, the audience and a selection of props that she may or may not use. On arrival, visitors will both literally and metaphorically leave their baggage behind in order to enter the exhibition: bags, jackets, electronic equipment, watches and cameras may not accompany them.

Most of us won't make it to London to see this, and that's fine: We have something better! The daily video diaries, which Abramović delivers straight into the [...]


"Andy Warhol's Factory Without The Drugs": Marina Abramovic Debuts Her New Space In Hudson

This past Sunday, a crowd of about 200 gathered outside the entrance to a faded-looking building at 7th Street and Columbia in Hudson, New York. They were there for a first public peek at what will be Marina Abramovic's Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art. The building—brick, columned, with "Community Tennis" lettered across its front—seems a long way from what the architectural renderings depict for the future museum, which is a sleek "interactive building" seemingly encased in glass. (The project is led by architects Shohei Shigematsu and Rem Koolhaas.) The institute is projected to open in mid-2014; for now, this open house would give Abramovic the chance to [...]


Send An Awl Reader To A Kraftwerk Concert With A Scalper

Thus far into Kraftwerk’s week-long residency at MoMA, not many individuals have popped up on Craigslist offering up their +1 for sale. Maybe it's because people who were lucky enough to purchase two tickets for one of the eight shows during the online sale/debacle must present an ID bearing the same name as the purchaser’s to gain entry into the concert. It’s a really big deal! So presumably they’re taking someone who is equally passionate about the music, or dragging a loved one who they’re trying to convert. (Which is never quite as magical as we hope.)

Whatever the case, it seems that most ticket holders don’t want [...]


An Academy Award Can Still Get You Places In This Town

"Last week, the artist agreed to begin her performance early, specifically to accommodate Björk, Matthew Barney, and their young daughter. But no more, says a source within MoMA's communications office (who also prefers not to be named). 'It has been a balancing act to accommodate the wishes of the artist with MoMA's responsibility to the public,' this source said. 'In these final days of the performance, no one will be seated with Abramovic before public hours.' Except, it turns out, Marisa Tomei, who was allowed early access to the artist on Sunday morning."


Lending A Hand at MoMA

"In addition to the gropers, there have been less extreme but still unnerving encounters. Mr. Rawls, for example, said that standing with his arms at his side he had felt more erections 'across the back of my hand than I can count…'" -It's been rough sledding for the naked performers who are part of the Marina Abramović retrospective up at MoMA, many of whom have been victimized by inappropriate touching, surreptitious photography, bodysnarking, and, yes, the dreaded "hard cock against the back of the hand." Talk about suffering for art!


Whose Nothing Is It Anyway?

"Art star Marina Abramović and London’s Serpentine Gallery have become embroiled in a row over 'nothing'. A prestigious group of curators and art historians have written to the gallery questioning why Abramović’s latest performance piece – due to open 11 June and about which she has repeatedly emphasised the importance of 'nothing' – fails to acknowledge the influence of another contemporary artist who has also made 'nothing' central to her work."


Antony And The Johnsons, "Cut the World"

I think Carice van Houten wants a new office. (Warning: graphic violence, great acting, Marina Abramovic.)


I Am Waiting For Rockstar Games' "The Artist Is Present"

“You can actually make it to the front. I did it yesterday and it took 5 hours. But once you get to the front, you can stare into her eyes for as long as you want.” —Computer game research professor Pippin Barr discusses his videogame "The Artist Is Present," which "simulates the experience of waiting in line to see contemporary artist Marina Abramović, who held an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2010" of the same name. It's a funny old world. [Vaguely related]


Marina Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" in Another Context

From the introduction to The Penguin Dictionary of Saints, Third Edition: "The English word 'saint' is derived from the Latin epithet sanctus, which represents the Greek hagios and the Hebrew qâdosh … When applied to people and things [these words] meant hallowed, consecrated, set apart … they did not of themselves necessarily connote that high moral quality which is now inseparable from such words."


Marina Abramović, "The Artist Is Present"

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in town, offering the kind of "first days of spring" feeling that tempts one to forget that life is essentially meaningless and we are all ultimately alone. So I headed up to MoMA, because nothing helps me remember the existential horror of humanity better than the sculpture of Alberto Giacometti. While I was wandering through the museum I could not help but notice the Marina Abramović performance piece "The Artist Is Present." There are other Abramović pieces being performed upstairs, which include nudity. Nudity! But let's talk about the one where she sits at a table and stares. I was surprised by [...]


Marian–LOL MARINA–Abramovic Just Wants $34,748 More From You

Oh my word, Marina Abramovic is totally gonna get her $600,000 on Kickstarter to like put a roof on the bare wrecked shell of a building that she bought in Hudson for almost a million dollars. That thing is a disaster! But soon it will be a beacon, a pillar, a dark crystal of longform time-based performance art. (That's like taking a train ride up the river, but with intentionality.) The performance artist who put the fun back in fundraising is up against a deadline of this weekend, but surely she'll get there. After all, this happened?

I would need a Kickstarter to raise money to pay someone [...]


Ten Songs To Listen To While You're Sitting In Your Wheeled, Attended Massage Chair At Marina Abramovic's Upstate Performance Art Center

“There will be a room for drinking water and drinking water in slow motion.” —Tear-jerking performance artist Marina Abramovic talks about the 20,000-square foot, $15 million art and education center that Shohei Shigematsu and Rem Koolhaus are designing for her in Hudson, New York. (Where Tommy Stinson recently settled, and where Awl pal and Fatty 'Cue chef Zac Pellacio is opening a new restaurant in the fall.) The space will be devoted to "long durational" experience, and Abramovic plans to ask visitors to sign a contract upon entrance promising that they will stay for at least six hours. (No one will be penalized for leaving early, [...]


You couldn't keep your eyes off of me – w4m – W 53rd (Midtown West)

Note: We don't usually do Craigslist posts here at the Awl, but when someone sent us the link to this Missed Connection we recognized its provenance and very quickly saved it in case it was taken down, which it almost immediately was. Here's the whole thing.


The Art Of Weeping

I don't see this one becoming a book, but, hey, stranger things have happened: Marina Abramović Made Me Cry is a Tumblr blog that collects photos of participants in Abramović's "The Artist Is Present" who have been moved to tears. I am sure there is some sort of fetish that this site fulfills.


Marina Abramović's Day-Long Doppelganger at MoMA

"I thought time was flying by. Then time stopped. I lost track of everything. No hunger. No itching. No pain. I couldn't feel my hands." (via)