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Headline Proves An Article Does Not Need To Be About Tech To Be Incomprehensible

"Man nose inflation keeps away boils" is your headline, and that may be the most informative part of the article.


First Wisconsin Recall Primary Goes Horribly Wrong for Republicans

In yesterday's recall primary election in Wisconsin, the fake Democratic candidates who are actually Republicans lost by huge margins.

But wait, it's not over yet! It's actually not even started. The first full recall election isn't even until next week! Yes, we get to do this again next week even! And it'll be fun: District 12 GOP Primary: Kim Simac vs. Robert Lussow to face Democrat Senator Jim Holperin

Trivia: Kim Simac, the "family values" candidate and founder of Northwoods Patriots ("Standing up for FAITH, Family and Country") explains the fact that she swapped spouses with her ex as "one of those quirky American stories."

District [...]


Fidel Castro: The Reality Show

You guys are reading Jeffrey Goldberg's reports from his recent visit with Fidel Castro, right? I mean: "Goldberg," Fidel said, "ask him questions about dolphins."

"What kind of questions?" I asked.

"You're a journalist, ask good questions," he said, and then interrupted himself. "He doesn't know much about dolphins anyway," he said, pointing to Garcia. He's actually a nuclear physicist."

"You are?" I asked.

"Yes," Garcia said, somewhat apologetically.

"Why are you running the aquarium?" I asked.

"We put him here to keep him from building nuclear bombs!" Fidel said, and then cracked-up laughing.


Meet A Future Tiger Meal

It's much more fun to read these stories in the before time.


Andrea Peyser Strikes Again (Wonderfully)

Ginger Lee, an "adult performer," gave a press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, who seems to be in multiple places at the same time somehow? Perhaps she is cloned? The topic: randy messages received from as-of-yesterday-but-not-as-of-today still-Congressman Anthony Weiner. And the magic that is New York took place. At the Friars Club on Wednesday, a columnist for The New York Post, Andrea Peyser, who is known for her barbed commentary, sat in the front row, shouting out questions that Ms. Allred alternately dodged and addressed.

“Why are we here?” Ms. Peyser called out. “Are we promoting a performance? Does she work in New York?” (Ms. Allred did [...]


Gulf Oil Spill: Still Going, But Your Hair (And Your Pet's) Can Help

Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to trigger the natural-gas explosion last month that led to a massive — and still-going — oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So far the finger is being pointed at a series of events that included a decision to prematurely remove some heavy drilling lubricants from a pipeline, a directive that came down from the well owner, BP. (The "we love the environment" full-page ads that will result from this debacle should be a doozy, huh.) In the meantime, do you or your pet have extra hair? Do you feel like it should go to a cause [...]


Hi, What Have You Guys Been Up To?

Oh hey everyone. What have you been up to? We were away for a little while but Big Google says we're allowed to be on the Internet now and did we miss anything? Did anyone get fired from her job for complaining about something at a conference or anything?


20 People to Follow on Twitter: Just #Libya

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Jesus go to #libya, people are tweeting and then going out to be shot.There's a revolution happening and they're using twitter. IncredibleMon Feb 21 21:47:32 via ÜberSocialSteve Northsnorths

Yeah, I can't really care about anything else right now.

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@ShababLibya demonstration will be held every day till liberation of libya in front of embassy in egypt god help u heroesMon Feb 21 21:51:21 via webahmed hassanthedreamer33



Gluttony with Mary HK Choi: Milkis & Calpico

Pepsi has just announced their new limited-edition flavor: Azuki! Which is red bean. Which, unless you're all, "I CAN HAZ CHEESEBURGER?" at every non-white people restaurant, you'll know is considered a sweet in Asia. We add a gang of sugar to the legume (LIKE ANIMALS) and eat it in desserts like popsicles, donuts, and cheesecake (LIKE ANIMALS). [Random sidebar: Koreans also treat tomatoes like a fruit and toss 'em in ice cream sundaes like cherries. I fully consider this to be some hardcore, mayonnaise-on-your-pizza, confounding freakshow stuff. ANIMALS.]