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Louis Vuitton Struggles to Protect Its Sacred Trademark

Today Louis Vuitton had its Paris show (it was train-themed! They built a giant train! All the models had (non-union) porters!). Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton's "director of civil enforcement for North America" is real mad at the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Intellectual Property Group. They're holding a symposium later this month on fashion law and copyright, which is very fascinating! And their poster drew the ire of Vuitton, incorporating and parodying as it does their trademarked material. Vuitton's claim that the poster's "dilution" of their trademark is bizarre, and what's amazing about these discussions now is how willfully everyone wants to misread copyright law. And now I am [...]


A Treasury Of Louis Vuitton Videos About Space (And Spaciness)

I guess Louis Vuitton is building space-luggage now? Well that's going to set NASA back a significant part of their budget. (God I hope they get the $1500 small sac chien for their space chiens though.)


Louis Vuitton Has Cleopatra Jones Riot Grrl Accident

I mean, man, things are really happening over in Paris at the shows. First the Chanel bomb went off-Lily Allen, hay barns, ugliness-and now all this afro-headed girl-kitten post-early-Courtney-Love extremely inelegant and slightly militaristic business from Vuitton. Can you stand it? I think I cannot. Also here is the thing with the afros that every model is wearing on the runway: Vuitton is one of the only luxury brands that is happy with its substantial black client base, both here and in Europe. Is the afro thing a fun, knowing wink? Is it mockery? It makes me awkward. Also you know, maybe next time, black models-although at least they [...]


ZOMG! We're all invited to the Louis Vuitton show! Even FATTIES!

You know what's gonna make hump day SO FIERCE? Front-row seats to the Louis Vuitton fashion show you guys! They're like SUCH social networking GENIUSES over at LVMH and totesack deserving of all our love and admiration to where we can't love the 'rents anymore because we have to save it allallall for the LIVE Facebook LV FASH SHO!!! OH MY DAMIER MONOGRAM EPI SPEEDY MURAKAMI EYEBALLS GAWG what an egregious PARIAH you're gonna be if you don't go. It's called "The Art of Travel" LOLLERSKATES! GET IT? Because they're traveling INTO YOUR COMPUUUTAH! Get up at 8:30 am New York time on Wednesday and get on Facebook and get [...]