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Ask Polly: These Tortured Intellectual Boys Are Torturing Me!


I'm a 26 year-old woman living in a big city.

I've been in 3 serious relationships. The last one—the big one, the one that broke my heart and my soul and almost made me give up on love and all that junk—ended over a year ago. I'd been in love with him for about 2 years before we started dating. Once we did, it was a whirlwind of love and romantic weekends (we were long distance for most of the time). I felt that he was the one. I KNEW he was the one. He was smart and funny and honest with this biting pessimistic (and yet painfully accurate) [...]


It Gets Better, Nerds

Good news for nerds, outcasts, homos and freaks: those dudes winning on your school's football team are going to bomb out of life: the more winning there is, the more their grades go down. You should totally cite them this survey while they're beating you up.


Chris Christie Really Enjoying This "Insulting the Republicans" Thing

"You can’t expect to be a leader of all the people and be divisive. Someone asked me, Why did Mitt Romney lose? And I said because he got less votes than Barack Obama, that's why." —New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to keep his new, post-Sandy personality.


Why Does The Democratic Congress Suck So Much?

Who ever would have thought that the Democratic-majority Congress would be a nest of snaky, wussy morons? For the first time in ever, a White House is actually about to fix our idiot healthcare system-except the majority party is scared it'll offend the Republicans. Meanwhile, they are dicking about with various environmental bills, ensuring that their various constituents, whether they be farmers or oil companies, get exactly what they want. Which means, in the end, nothing. But at least the American Petroleum Institute will be happy! Ugh they are all making me into a Libertarian, how unfortunate.


Conservatives Bravely Blame Everything, Especially Romney, For Romney's Loss

Election Day is … not quite over, is it? But it's close enough to finally read those liberal Electoral College projections that have predicted a solid Obama win since forever. If it turns out that Mitt Romney already lost, as John Ziegler wrote in the Huffington Post today, then the most important thing is to find something (or someone) to blame. Oh, look, there's a $100-million punching bag right over there! His name is Mittens, and he's not even a real Christian, so have at him!

It's Hurricane Sandy's Fault

GOP caricature Haley Barbour was sent out to tell CNN viewers that Hurricane Sandy killed Mitt's longshot chance. [...]