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The Airbnb Hole

It is not the fault of Airbnb that its new logo looks like an anatomical negative space, a hole, its chief technology officer, Nathan Blecharczyk, would like to everyone to know: We wouldn’t want to design a logo that caters to the lowest common denominator. This was a yearlong undertaking for dozens of people, it’s something meaningful, and no one pauses to really understand that.

But when one gazes into the hole—for how can one not—the tumble begins almost immediately, through the hole, beyond the hole. The world and every possible concern, hope, fear, or dream dissolves completely, leaving just you and the hole—you are [...]


Best Website Ever: Now You Can Have a New Horrible Gap Logo Too

Getting rebranded terribly is as easy as this.


Wu-Tang Clan's Logo Is Indeed Quite Awesome

"The Wu-Tang W isn't just the most iconic hio-hop artist logo of the past 20 years, it's also proven to be the most alphabetically versatile. Depending on the Wu swordsman for whom it requires use, we've seen the W take turns as a "G" for GZA, and "M" for Method Man, and "M" and "K" for Master Killa, an admittedly rather awkward "INS" and "E" for Inspectah Deck, even a "U" for U-God. Yes, even U-God gets his own specialized version of the Wu-Tang symbol. If that's not what you call a logo that goes above and beyond the call of duty, we don't know what is." —Complex [...]


Our Contribution! New Corporate I Heart New York Logos

"As part of the bargain that kept JetBlue Airways from moving its headquarters from Queens to Orlando, state tourism officials agreed to let the airline mesh the iconic I ♥ NY logo with its own," blogs the bloggers of the New York Times today. (What else did Jet Blue get from the government? Who knows!) Anyway, the blog proposes a contest! Wherein they get all their readers to violate the trademarks of corporate logos and propose new meshings with the I Heart NY logo. Well, here's our submission. It deals with a brand that's a real up-and-comer-it's got a great identity with a visceral impact.


Wingnuts Actually Upset About Google Logo

Thank God there's CONTROVERSY about the Google logo for Veteran's Day. THERE IS A CRESCENT UP IN THAT PIECE. I mean it's not at all obviously the BOTTOM HALF OF THE LETTER "E" IN "GOOGLE." Also: why does Yahoo! hate veterans? Gosh we're such a busy country.


World Trade Center Logos

The City Room blog had a competition for logos of the forthcoming World Trade Center building! We like this one. We think. The whole thing is, I dunno, somewhere between disturbing and amusing and irritating. Anyway they have a few more years, decades, whatever, to work on the logo before the building gets a foundation.