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Life In These United States

In Rhode Island, a dancing police officer delighted observers.


Lobster Big

Talk about mixed blessings… you survive, but you've got to live way the hell out in Brooklyn: "A freakishly large lobster destined for the pot has instead found a new home in – where else? – Coney Island. The colossal crustacean went on exhibit this week at the New York Aquarium, thanks to a seafood company worker who decided it was too big for dinner. The lobster was caught weeks ago off the coast of Canada and sent in a 2-ton shipment to the New England Lobster Co. in San Francisco." [Via]


There Are Some Big Old Lobsters

How old can lobsters get? How large can they grow? WE DON'T KNOW! [Via]


The Awl Video Guide To Killing Lobsters

The Summer of Death™ may be over, but there is always a time to kill, particularly when the nuclear winter comes and we are all forced to murder what we eat while walking south to avoid the cannibals. Here, in an Awl exclusive, our own personal (and somewhat frightening) chef shows you how to prepare lobsters for grilling through this coming Autumn of Death™.

Warning: Video has a fairly high gross-out factor and is not suitable for vegetarians, the easily-grossed out and, of course, Mary Tyler Moore. We'd say that no lobsters were harmed in the making of this video but that is a terrible lie.


Lobsters Enjoy The Great Taste Of Lobster

Cannibal lobsters!


Lobsters Live To Be Caught Another Day

Trickery and deceit! "A Gloucester blogger admitted yesterday that he knew a group of lobstermen were only joking around about trying to catch lobsters that were tossed back in the ocean late last week by some Buddhists seeking good karma." Related: Gloucester Blogger would be a terrible name for a band.


Nature Strikes Back

Oooh, blue lobster! God, remember when all we had to worry about were different colored lobsters? Those were more innocent times, back before the new killer E. coli—a "mutant strain was so virulent that sufferers risked spreading the infection to friends and relations through close contact"—or the new strain of MRSA that either we are giving to cows or cows are giving to us, or before the climate decided that it was tired of being nice to us and now it was time to have some fun. Yes, you might as well just enjoy this blue lobster. Because pretty soon it's all going to be [...]


Lobster Calico

Here you will find a picture of a calico lobster.


Lobsters Taunted With Brief Taste Of Freedom

"On Thursday, a group of Buddhists traveled to Gloucester and purchased 534 lobsters, about 600 pounds worth, from a wholesaler and dumped them back into the sea in a prayer ceremony in which the crustaceans’ bands were cut and blessed water was sprayed on them…. Yesterday, lobstermen from the fishing vessel Degelyse said they had traveled to the site of the ceremony, laid their traps, and hauled up exactly 534 lobsters, according to a local blog, And then they brought their haul right back to market."


What's Going On With All These Different Colored Lobsters?

Perhaps you heard last week about one or both of the two-tone lobsters recently caught off the coast of England. This pigmentation is very uncommon-a 50 million-to-one rarity according to marine biologists who have examined one of them, which has been named Harley Quin, and is now in a tank at the Scarborough Sea Life Centre. The other, Ska, is at Bristol's Blue Reef Aquarium. Well, apparently, freakishly hued lobsters are showing up in traps on this side of the Atlantic, too. A bright blue specimen (one in four-million odds) was caught recently off New London, Connecticut; and a presumably cowardly yellow one (one in 30 [...]