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You Want a Libertarian for 2016? So How About MTA Honcho Joe Lhota

"@morelikethemoon: G TRAIN IS BACK! @joelhota for President!". HEY CALM DOWN

— Joe Lhota (@JoeLhota) November 7, 2012

On Thursday morning, inside his office, Mr. Lhota checked his BlackBerry often, hoping for an update on the L train. Moments later, he placed a call to Howard B. Glaser, Mr. Cuomo’s director of state operations, whom he wanted to brief on the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

The tunnel could open Friday, he told Mr. Glaser, remarking that Mr. Bloomberg, “like an idiot,” had predicted publicly that the tunnel might open over the weekend. “He’s making it up,” he said, after a brief hail of profanity in which Mr. [...]


Shut Up, Long Island

Long Island's citizens are getting restless without power—because it's been like, WHAT, 48 whole hours. Who says Americans are spoiled? Well, everyone. But one lady on Long Island has had enough of her neighbors: My favorite was the lady who asked “Who is going to reimburse me for the $500 worth of food I bought right before the storm that is rotting in my fridge?”

Ok, who is going to be the first for calling you a moron for buying $500 worth of perishable food right before a hurricane? ME! Let me call you a moron. MORON! You go out and buy food that won’t last without electricity [...]