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The Year In Lesbians

On January 3, Tammy Baldwin assumed office as the first openly gay person ever elected to the US Senate. She didn’t think it was a big deal, though, and kept repeating in interviews that “I didn’t run to make history.” But the voters had spoken, and they sounded pretty excited about lesbian leaders. By September, when New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn spectacularly lost her bid for the city’s Democratic mayoral nominee, the fact that she was a lesbian seemed to be the main reason she didn’t lose by a larger margin. The man she lost to, meanwhile, is married to the author of a 1979 Essence magazine [...]


What's the Worst Thing a Man Believes He Can Call a Woman?

On my last night in Washington, D.C., where I’ve been working, a very weird thing happened: a drunk guy in a bar took an instant personal dislike to me, insulted my short haircut, told me I looked like the child from The Omen and said that I had “666” written on my head (I have to assume this is also an Omen reference). At the end of this string of craziness, he also called me a dyke.


Matt Lauer Loses His Mind on TV

Today's Matt Lauer, interviewing that LESBIAN Meredith Baxter, known to old people as Mrs. Keaton on Family Ties, this morning: "So this first relationship you had with another woman. Did it create one of those B-movie moments when you go home and you go into the bathroom and you look in the mirror and you go, 'I'm gay!' And then you repeat it six or seven times? Or was it a more subtle-" End verbatim transcript. So. How many questions do you have about this question? For starters, what B-movie is this, and on what cable channel may I watch it immediately, please? And what personal experience of his own [...]


Random Advice Column About Drunk Lesbians Misses Point Maybe?

Also make sure you don't have sex with any men in front of your bossy, annoying, lesbian alcoholic sister.


Lesbians Chatty

"[I]n lesbian films, as in lesbian life, there are a lot of feelings to be discussed."


Choosing a Law Firm Career Based on the Availability of Hot Lesbian Coworkers

Here is a sort-of handy guide for young lady lawyers interested in joining firms with other hot women. Sort of! Notes a spoilsport: "This is going to sound crazy, but I find it hard to objectify women once they start talking. Once they open their mouths, I care about things like 'what they are saying' and 'whether or not I agree.' Women I agree with, I find attractive." Also the real answer seems to be Cravath.


China Reveals Secret Swedish City Of Woodworking Lesbians

How awesome is Sweden? We're not just talking about kick-ass robberies here. No, there's also this:

Chinese media have confirmed what we in the West suspected all along: that concealed in the northern Swedish woods is a city of 25,000 women, many of whom have turned to Sapphic love to satiate their natural Scandinavian sexual desires. According to news agancy Xinhua, the all-female enclave is called 'Chako Paul City', and was founded in 1820 by a 'wealthy widow'. The city is guarded by two blonde sentries who prevent men from entering. Those chaps who do unwisely attempt to force the issue risk being 'beaten half to death' [...]


The Facts Of Life, By Wendy And Lisa

Wendy and Lisa: "We've never been in the closet."


Incredibly Lewd Headline Most Popular On Website

Most popular on HuffPo! You don't say.


Prop 8 Trial Ends–Just As We Learn That Lesbians Raise Better Kids

The Prop 8 case in San Francisco will have closing arguments this week, putting an end to what seems like several decades of a very strange case. (It started in January!) What's kind of great is the the judge (the gay judge! But never mind! Nobody look at the gay judge!) is going wide on the matter, posing a long series of questions that he wants answered in closing, such as: "What evidence in the record shows that a belief based in morality cannot also be discriminatory?" Mmm! What's more, somehow, one of the key arguments of Prop 8 supporters is that "children fare best in families with two [...]


Poor Monica Hesse Is Also A Failed Lesbian

Poor Monica Hesse is hated by every gay blogger in America pretty much, because she wrote a funny Washington Post profile about the head of NOM NOM NOM, who is a cheery douchebag with an obsession on hating gay marriage, and all the gays were like, NO ONE CAN BE NICE TO THAT MONSTER. Which isn't a terribly wrong viewpoint, but, seriously homos, turn it down a notch. So the WaPo ombudsman devoted his Sunday column to Miss Monica and her story, and revealed that she is a failed lesbian! This is so much better than "I have soooo many black friends."